I'm getting high - Senator Ledama's address from mega bhang farm excites Kenyans

If this weed is good for us, lets legalize it.

Narok Senator Ledama Olekina

On Tuesday, Narok Senator Ledama Olekina impressed Kenyans on Twitter with a video of himself in a marijuana (Bhang) plantation, calling for its legalization in Kenya.

In the video, the Senator mentioned that he was in a country called Lithuania where its legal to plant marijuana.

Ledama wondered why Kenya is still stuck in the old days of saying marijuana is illegal, yet we very well know it can help reduce pain for cancer patients whose deaths are on the rise.

The Narok Senator mentioned that his host told him that the type of marijuana planted in his farm is called hemp, used for construction, and making ropes.

Why is it that we in Kenya are still stuck with the old ways of saying this is an illegal drug, this is crazy. My host is telling me that this is hemp that is used for construction, making ropes but really, it actually smells like weed… but that’s not the issue, if this is good either to reduce the pain of cancer patients why not legalize it? What is so bad about it. We only live once. I think from our brief moments from our mothers’ wombs to our tombs, we need to come and settle this out. If this weed is good for us, lets legalize it. If its not good then let’s not allow other people in world to plant it. Today we are talking about the LGBT and some are saying there’s no more difference we are all equal let’s be strong about it…. I’m actually getting high,” said Ledama Olekina.

Here’s how Kenyans reacted to the video;


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