Here's 6 reasons why Sharon Mundia's marriage to Lonina Leteipan will quickly END in a nasty divorce

It's hard to bring this woman to not just obey you but see you as the head of the home and also regularly wash your undies and iron your vests.

Finally, the most gorgeous couple of the last decade has finally tied the knot. And we're all feeling some type of way

Sharon Mundia has been every man's dream for for a while now.

She's got the perfect smile, perfect face, perfect life, perfect hair, perfect eyes, perfect lips and even a perfect name.

Never has a woman had it all so much. Not just incredibly photogenic, but also breathtakingly dashing and ravishing - Except, of course, Emily Ratajkowski.

Like Mexican raspberries, Sharon is beauty and sweetness all rolled into one.

The media mogul cemented her status as the ultimate goddess of fashion and beauty through her blog ThisisEss which she painstakingly started and keeps running to date, updating her thousands of followers with daily photos which leave us in awe and wonder.

And now, just to spite the men folk once more, the Princess of Disneyland has found her one Truelove, and like Snow White, married him in a dreamy, Coastal wedding overlooking the lush waves of an Ocean and the stunning horizon of a setting, Coastal sun.

And in one last spectacular smile, the angel of our dreams grabbed her man in her dainty arms, him tilting his head and burying his love - and lips - into hers for that one last perfect lip lock.

It was a moment carved out of the The Notebook, with Mr. Leteipan, as Ryan Gosling, serenading his woman as Nick Cassavetes perfectly captures and directs the greatest love story of all time.

Miss Sharon and Mr. Leteipan exchanging vows at the Watamu Beach, Kilifi Photo/ Instagram

But this whole shit may not last. They don't just last no more nowadays.

Here's 6 Reasons Why Sharon Mundia's Marriage To Lonina Leteipan Will Quickly End In A Nasty Divorce

1. Sharon can be a bi**ch Don't be fooled by the smiles and those piercing eyes. Don't be fooled by the flowing gowns and luscious hair. Sharon is reputedly a bitch. And one sore witch according to those that know her. " She's nasty. Trust me. I know her and I've interacted with her. Nothing she showed up public is real. It's all a show. she can be one nasty woman...". A source says to us. Sharon has been said to be an egocentric, narcissistic, arrogant go-getter who has let her fame, beauty, success and celebrity status go into her head. These are the type of women that don't last in a marriage. It's hard to bring this woman to not just obey you but see you as the head of the home and also regularly wash your undies and iron your vests. Hard to imagine her risking her Matte-colored nails to run some chores in the kitchen.

2. Dude Is A Wimp Wimps rarely win. Wimps are weak dudes who just go with the flow and who won't question too much, talk too much or put their foot down. And that's the sort of man our sources tell us is. He's not his own man. He's a softy and a little baby who is not just exceedingly nice but also to polite and kind. That sort of man mostly gets up screwed and chopped in marriages. That' sort of man always gets up bitched up by his wife and made to be a little cute loser as she roams the house and calls the shots. This guy will have very little say in that household. And that's terrible for any marriage. Men are and should always be the bosses in a marriage. Even of discussion.

3. She's A Travel Freak - And A Star Girls who travel like birds aren't usually the best mothers. And wives. Sharon is always on the road. Either to take photos or marvel at some ancient architecture or just go and sunbathe at some random beach in the Bahamas. This girl just can't stop roaming the World. Like a Canadian bird, Sharon is always in migration. Many times in an year. This is obviously not the kind of woman that you want to be at home every evening whipping up a meal or taking care of them kids. She's far too busy checking out the World to play Mummy perfectly. Also, her celeb status may come to play and that will only worsen things. Some of her colleagues have secretly told us she can be quite the diva. Well, that kind of shit is not welcome in working marriages. Cue, Gwyneth Paltrow.

4. FinancesIt's 2016. And most marriages in this era and built and survived by the mighty power of the dollar. Sharon is a rich girl. Quite admittedly. Her hubby too has his little account that never quite runs out (I mean, he a banker , dude). Now, most financial problems in marriages arise when the woman is earing more than the man. Or when the woman is not earning at all. Or worse, when both have their own heavy wallets and it becomes a problem of who can spend whose money and on what. We're told there's bound to be serous financial issues after these two have settled down and unpacked the last of their gifts. It's bound to come up. Sooner or later. Doubt me? Google Mariah Carey and billionaire James Parker. Now, thank me later.

Miss Sharon Mundia's bridesmaids at the Watamu Beach, Kilifi    Photo/Instagram

5. Kids With the kind of life that Sharon is living, the last thing she wants is kids. Not now. Not even too soon. Her man, on the other hand, may be the typical man - obsessed with kids right way. But Sharon has other ideas. She wants to travel the world first and keep her blogging career - and fashion Empire - running big before she can decide to drag a huge belly around for a whopping nine months. And then sit at home for even longer as she watched the tot grow. That's not what Mrs. Glamor Queen wants right now. And hubby may not be very happy about that. But hey, Madame Jennifer Lopez has her own rules! And they must be obeyed, Boo!

6. The Media Yes, both are in the public eye. Both will be undergoing a serious media scrutiny and both are not angels. One slip-up and. the whole damn Union is done. Everyone's watching the marriage and waiting for its downfall. Sharon definitely has girls in her corner that aren't as loyal as she may think. And may have surrounded himself with snitches who will expose his ass soon as she scoops up some other chick for a weekend quickie. Stories will be fermented and truths will be unearthed. And for a couple like this, who have put out so much of their marriage and romance in the public, it never ends too well.


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