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First photo of Isaac Mwaura's cute son

About a month ago, Isaac Mwaura’s wife revealed that they had lost 2 of their triplets.

On January 2017, the Mwaura’s welcomed triplets, Mwaura Maigua Mwaura Jr, Njiru Maigua Mwaura and Njeri Maigua Mwaura.

Soon after their birth, the triplets were rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). An episode that Isaac Mwaura’s wife Mukami tried to block from her mind.

“NICU is an awful place but it’s also a place where you learn a lot, NICU is a room filled with the smallest fighters. There is a lot of defeat and winning. For the 11 weeks my babies stayed in the NICU, I watched the tiniest people fight harder than I have ever seen. They fought to breathe and to live, it was a fight against death. Some won the fight while others lost the fight but we still celebrate them because, in the short or long time they lived, they left a great impact in our lives.” Mukami revealed on her blog.

And after the brave 11-week battle, the Mwaura’s left the hospital with one baby boy and a staggering hospital bill of KES 11.2 Million.


A baby boy named Njiru Maigua Mwaura who has now grown into a very healthy cute baby. Isaac Mwaura shared the first photos of their baby boy leaving fans amazed at just how cute he was.

While his wife revealed how much of a blessing Njiru has been in their lives despite the initial fears she had following her traumatic loss.

“My son Njiru spent 10 weeks in hospital when he finally came home I couldn't sleep... I literally watched him sleep most nights. I would stare at him almost through the night. I couldn't believe my baby was home. And sometimes I watched him sleep to ensure he was breathing ... I was told I would outgrow this habit but 6 months down the line I still watch my baby sleeping. I spend at least half the night just staring at him. I can't get enough of his awesomeness ...His cute smile as he sleeps... I always think he is laughing with his angel brother and angel sister ... so I say hi to them each time I see him smile in his sleep.”


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