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Robert Burale comes to Kambua’s rescue after Jeff Kuria Drama

Kambua has been under fire since the Vuuka Mwaka Party

Kambua has been accused of grabbing a mic from his colleague of Inooro TV Jeff Kuria inappropriate manner and not giving him an equal chance while hosting the End year Party.

Burale took to his Instagram account to start hashtag asking Kenyans to stop harassing the Bambika host without getting the details of what transpired that night.

He went ahead to seek Kambua to stand firm as God Knows what’s in her heart.


“A kind soul this woman of God is ...So for people to just attack her without full story is sad ...Stand firm lady ...God knows your heart ” Wrote Robert Burale

Burale’s post prompted the Rauka Gospel Show host Enid Moraa to add her weight on the discussion by saying:

“KAMBUA So much has been said in the last few days about you but we know you, we know your heart, and so we stand by you. That you apologised even when you were not on the wrong is testament to the phenomenal woman you are. We love you K. ” Reads Enid Moraa's Post

"You ever had those friends that stick with you through thick and thin.. Those friends that see a grand version of you even when you can't see past your nose..  Is that friend that I would go out if my way to be there when she needs me.#istandwithkambua


Fashionista Wambui Mukenyi wrote “She is a beautiful soul who I would Proudly say has taught me a few things in the time I have known her Glad you made ammends with your colleague Jeff. Loads of love.WM”

Following the outrage on social media, Kambua took to Facebook to apologise before pulling down the post, further irking Kenyans.

“Well, we are finally back in Nairobi. And yes, I have seen and read all (or most) of your comments. With all the stones being flung my way, I will in no way try to explain anything. So allow me to say this specifically to Jeff Kuria (my colleague at Inooro), and his fans as a whole. For all that may/may not have happened yesterday, I apologise. I'd hate to start this year with any bad blood. I value all of you, even the criticism (good and bad). Happy New Year. K.” Read the post which promptly came down, presumably from the heat the post elicited


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