Angry female fans blast troll for doing this to the KTN presenter

After close to 3 months of rigorous training, nail-biting tension and thorough competition, the Standard Group finally unveiled ‘The Presenter’ winners at an event in their Mombasa Road headquarters.

Jamal Gadaffi

Out of 6000 hopefuls, only two rose to the top; Michelle Ngele in the Editorial category and the suave ladies’ man Jamal Gadaffi in the Entertainment Section. In an interview with KTN, Jamal confessed that he was going for the editorial sector but media veteran Joe Ageyo advised him to pursue the entertainment section. Which was stellar advice as he not only won the competition but has continued to soar the heights of entertainment reporting.

“I joined the competition on the editorial sector, but my coach, Joe Ageyo later told me that editorial is not just my cup of tea, he advised me to shift to the entertainment sector and here I am, in the house.” He told KTN prime after his win.

Less than 2 years after winning this competition, Jamal has managed to not only have friends in ‘high places’ like Hassan Joho but also have a ‘ride or die’ fan base.

Something which a certain lad learnt the hard way after his efforts to condemn Jamal were thwarted by his female fans with the force of Thor’s hammer.

As you are all aware by now, Jamal is gunning for the position of ‘Best Dressed Celebrity' in the upcoming Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards and so he was asking his fans to vote for him.

Something which a follower thought was ‘un-Islamic’  and made his thoughts known by commenting "Ur a Muslim bro, act lyk one coz dunya we r beauty of  dunya has trapped you, fear ur Allah and kam back. Stop asking for silly things..ati vote for me.".

However Jamal did not have to fend off the troll as his fans pulled an Olivia Pope and handled it.

To vote for Jamal, follow this link


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