This is the super-expensive, rich-only school that this Citizen TV anchor attended (photos)

The International School of Kenya, St Andrews Turi, Peponi School, Brookhouse School, Greensteads International School and Breaburn school are just a few of the schools that are in the high-end education sector.

Janet Mbugua

And Brookhouse seems like a favourite among our celebrities with celebrities like Eric Wainaina, Liza Mucheru-Wisner (a finalist in The Apprentice), The Moipei Quartet and E-Sir attending this top-tier school located in Lang'ata on your way to Rongai.

Other celebrities who attended some of these high-end schools includes, Erica Gachoka (Ciku Muiruri’s daughter) who went to St Andrews Turi, model Ajuma Nasenyana and recording artist Yvonne Darq who went to Greensteads International School, Nick Mutuma who attended Braeside School, You Tuber Elodie Zone who went to Breaburn and Size 8 who went to Hillcrest.

Joining the high-end schools list is Janet Mbugua who went to Brookhouse. The Citizen News anchor recently paid a visit to her former school and seemed pretty stoked to be back at the school where she was attending the school’s Rhino Cup Debating Challenge.

Janet shared the photo below on her personal account and captioned it “Reminiscing at my former high school; thank you for hosting us #BrookhouseSchool”


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