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Messiah's look-alike causes a fuss in Kongowea market where he had gone to buy 'Mchicha' (Photos)

Late last year a bearded man with long hair and a striking resemblance to Jesus was spotted walking in the Central Business District (CBD), Nairobi, Kenya spurring the hashstag #JesusInNairobi.

Daniel Christos

But despite the striking resemblance to the man Christianity is based upon, Daniel Christos is far from Jesus.

He is just an atheist-backpacker who took a break from the busy world of software engineering to explore what the world has to offer.

“That life wasn’t for me, it was awful! I was getting grey hairs, I was only 22 and I was getting grey hairs. I was stressed and tired and hardly sleeping and drinking 20 coffees a day just to keep myself awake. I started travelling and never stopped, a much nicer way for me to live my life.” He told NTV in regards to why he decided to dedicate his life to backpacking.


After spending some time in Nairobi and going on National TV and radio to declare that he is not Jesus, Christos and his traveling companion Melody went to the coast.

At the coast, Christos was once again the center of attention in Kongowea market Mombasa where he had gone to buy mchicha (Aramanth, a traditional plant whose seed and leaves are eaten in various parts of Africa).

Image Credits:MCGW


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