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I regret how I dumped my ex Jokate Mwegelo - Diamond Platnumz

His ex was recently handed a powerful government position by Magufuli’s government.

He said that Jokate was very nice to him and he doesn’t understand why he treated her so badly.

“Jokate was very innocent and never wronged me at all. I put her in a lot of trouble and people started viewing her in a negative light and started saying that she snatched Wema’s boyfriend. And in actual fact, I am the one that pursued her, ” He said in an interview on Tanzania Kwanza TV.



Aside from ruining her reputation, Diamond humiliated her further with how he broke up with her and rushed back into Wema’s arms. “I dated her and then I broke up with her for Wema. It was very bad. When I sit down I think I have really done her wrong. She is still my friend and visits me but I really feel ashamed of the situation.”

The ‘Baila’ singer also admitted that to this day he is confused on why he left her “I don’t know why I left her, maybe I was bewitched because she never wronged me. I think it was the folly of youth. She is very hardworking, civil and has really built her career. I still feel bad about it.”


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