Jowie should reunite with Maribe if released – Alex Mwakideu

Arudi straight kwa mke wake - Mwakideu.

Milele FM’s Jalang’o and Alex Mwakideu

He believes that if at all Itumbi is interested in Maribe, he should fight for her when he is at the same level as Jowie.

“Jowie is a wounded lion at the moment. His case will be heard while he is still in custody, Itumbi is a free man, and Jacque is a free woman. If Itumbi wants to fight for Jacque, he shouldn’t fight him if he (Jowie) is helpless. Wait for him to rise up and you face off,” Mwakideu said, “The timing is wrong.”

He went on to add that he hopes Itumbi is just there for Maribe and doesn’t have ulterior motives. “I hope hatamteka. I hope it ends like that. I hope he is just being a friend and once Jowie is done with the case he should reunite with Maribe. These people are engaged, Jowie should go straight to his wife after his release.”

“Jowie na Maribe warudi pamoja?” his puzzled co-host Jalang’o asked and Mwakideu replied with “Of course!”

“If he is innocent and he is cleared from the case, for example, we don’t know what will happen, we have left that to the court….arudi straight kwa mke wake,” Mwakideu reiterated.

Jalang’o, on the other hand, was of the opinion that Itumbi should not pursue Maribe yet as she has not called off her relationship with Jowie, but if he wants to and Jacque is willing they should ride off to the sunset.

However, Mwakideu believes that that paints a very bad picture. “If I was Itumbi I wouldn’t try and do anything like that. Hiyo sii uume. How he helped her get out of jail was manly but he shouldn’t nyemelea Maribe. Kama ni brother hapo ni sawa,” Mwakideu said during their breakfast show.


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