Mainstream media drives me nuts - Julie Gichuru blasts Kenyan media

She has criticised the industry she once worked in.

Julie Gichuru (@khalifa louie )

Julie Gichuru has expressed her disgruntlement with Kenyan media especially the newspapers after news of Peter Tabichi winning Global Teacher’s Prize failed to make front page news.

The former TV personality expressed that she is worried that if the media doesn’t achieve a healthy balance of positive and inspirational coverage we will become a despairing nation.

“If we do not achieve a healthy balance of positive, inspirational coverage amid the usual news narratives we will increasingly become a despairing nation. Yet there is so much to celebrate and emulate out there. Mainstream media drives me nuts!” Julie wrote on Instagram.

She then took to Twitter to call out Kenyan newspapers in a tweet that read “Dear Kenyan newspapers, Why on earth is @PeterTabichi @TeacherPrize win not a headline? The rest of the world has his story front and centre but you don't see the merit? That's why I don't buy newspapers anymore. #Priorities #HongeraTabichi #AfricaForTheWin #GESF #GTP Prize.”

Kenyans React

The comments on Twitter have been met with mixed reactions from Kenyans. Here is a sample of them:

MR INTEGRITY @drkingrafael: And that's why I continue saying that Kenyan mainstream media is incompetent, mediocre and a big letdown to the people of the Republic of Kenya!

Steve Kamau@kaniarus: We eat, drink and sleep politics. The rest isn't news for us.

Mukami @Mukami_Mungai: The same way you don't see the merit of calling out a Govt that awards mediocrity. Sit down.

Mutabaruka @kapitimani: Julie, Akothee went and did great things in Turkana and this is your best? Go back whence you've been. We were almost forgetting your kind

Valued Conversations@valuedconverse: Haiya Julie, Why are you shocked?

The teacher's victory is an "embarrassment, a disgrace" to a people that reward & celebrate mediocrity & average in appointments, State Medals, etc. under the guise of face of Kenya.

Congrats Mwalimu, You've bust the myths/excuses of resources.

TrueKenyan ‏ @ag_githu: When you were also a news presenter you used to interview despots instead of outstanding Kenyans..

rashid swaleh@RSwaleh: You are part of the problems in this country, during your time in mainstream media you did what you are complaining about. During the election campaigns, you did the same PR for politicians. You can't pretend to be different, just sit down.

Long Stroke @putitinside18: Why would you buy our papers when you are in Dubai? We're more messed up since you introduced gambling to our many social ills

Godfrey Ny @GodfreyNy: Maybe as Kenyans we need to teach morality and ethics as foundation philosophy. Because all our headlines in newspapers have everything to do with our moral and ethical foundations.


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