It was too much! Jux talks about Vanessa Mdee cosying up to Trey Songz

Juma Jux has finally opened up about that uncomfortable situation.

During that season fans got to understand why he was known as ‘Mr Steal Your Girl’ as he became too close for comfort to Vanessa Mdee who was in a relationship with Juma Jux.

Too close

In a few photos and videos that made their way online, Vanessa and Trey got so close and Vanessa so doe-eyed, that many concluded that Vanessa was looking to risk it all for ‘Mr Steal Your Girl’.

But Vanessa was quick to refute the rumours saying that they were just friends from her days at MTV. Speaking to Bongo 5 Vanessa said “The video and pictures going around are misinterpreted, I worked for MTV and had met Trey before, we were cool then and are cool now. I respect him (Trey Songz), Juma and all our fans.”


Despite Vanessa’ explanation many concluded that there was something going on between the singer and Trey and speculated that this could have led to her first split with Juma.

Close to 2 years after Trey Songz came to Kenya, Juma has finally spoken about that incidence that was fodder for many gossip blogs and entertainment shows.

Speaking to Millard Ayo TV, Jux disclosed that he was actually the one who encouraged Vanessa Mdee to get close to Trey Songz as it could help her brand if she worked on a song with a singer of Trey’s status.

Wrong impression

But after the photos made their way to the internet, people jumping to conclusions and even questioning him, he started questioning Vanessa’s faithfulness to him. A situation that vexed Vanessa as she felt that he should trust her regardless of how the situation looked like and how the public interpreted it.

“I was in China when Vanessa Mdee flew to Kenya for Coke Studio and she would send me pictures from her sessions and where she hanged out. I even had those photos of Vanessa and Trey but when they hit the internet and people started getting the wrong impression about them, I started thinking it was too much and started reacting. To make matters worse our schedules kept clashing and I wasn’t too happy.” He said.

The ‘Fimbo’ singer then went on to add “For some time Vanessa was angry at me because she knew how the situation was, people really exaggerated the story. Such things happen to me and Vanessa understands.  She was very honest with me so that I can understand (what actually happened) and she was disappointed I didn’t trust her. It was hard but I learned a lot.”


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