My boyfriend dumped me few days to our wedding – TV girl Kamene Goro opens up

The TV girl narrates

According to the bootylicious TV Girl, her boyfriend dumped her without any good reason.

During an Interview with Mpasho, Kamene revealed that her then boyfriend promised to come to Nairobi so that he can explain the reason for the break up but he never did.

“I didn’t understand and I asked why, but he kept saying he’ll come to Nairobi to talk through it, and he never came. that day I remember I called DJ hypnotic because he was there when I was proposed to, he was part of the guys who put the surprise together with my ex. I called him and I told him he’d broken up with me. afterwards, I called him and asked if he was sure of what he was saying because once you close this door I can’t guarantee you it will ever open again and he said, yes" said Kamene Goro

She added, ‘I moved back my things from Tanzania, and the day he broke up with me, I was offered the head of news position on Ebru TV, and everything fell into place.’

The 25-year-old says she is now single and has decided not to ever date a non-Kenyan.

“Up until now, I don’t know what happened and I told myself I didn’t want to know. I’m not friends with my exes and then I found myself single. I can never go back to him. I haven’t been particularly lucky with love, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I honestly can’t tell you what happened. I don’t know, because we were in a very good place. We lived in Arusha and I was coming down to Nairobi to get a visa, and he had flown down to South Africa, which was on a Monday. The just told me we can’t be together anymore.’


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