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Kennedy Rapudo splashes Sh420,000 on Amber Ray’s beauty products shopping

Kennedy Rapudo recently came clean on the source of his wealth after wash wash allegations

Amber Ray with Kennedy Rapudo

Kenyan socialite, Amber Ray was pampered by her fiancé, Kennedy Rapudo after splashing money to get her an expensive wig.

Rapudo splashed Sh420,000 to get the content creator whose real name is Faith Makau a wig.

A video doing rounds on social media shows the pair shopping bonding and Amber Ray is seen picking a wig of her choice which Rapudo comfortably pays for.

The pair’s lavish lifestyle displayed on social media has only intensified speculations about the source of their wealth.


Most recently, the couple had to come clean on allegations of parading a fake lifestyle on social media with some questioning the source of his wealth.

An Instagram video shared last month shows Amber Ray's son expressing surprise at his stepfather's lack of visible work-related activities despite the glitz and glamour.

“I have never seen him at meetings or working. We always seem to have money, but he doesn’t seem to be working; it seems suspicious,” Gavin said.


The question prompted the social media influencer to acknowledge the question and address the matter.

She explained that her husband has been accused of being involved in money laundering, which has led to doubts about the legitimacy of their wealth.

Rapudo without dispensing the controversial rumour, proudly said as long as it brings money, he didn't mind what people were saying.

The couple’s source of income remains a mystery even as Rapudo maintains that he is a lawyer by profession and a businessman.

Rapudo calmed the questions by proclaiming his intelligence and business acumen, emphasizing that he provides for his family and disregards the opinions of gossipers.


He mentions hiring individuals to work for him while dismissively referring to the gossipers as lazy. He asserts that his success stems from his own efforts and emphasizes that he doesn't need to prove himself to others.

“I am smart and I have hired people to work for me, people who are as lazy as those who are spreading rumours about me,” said Rapudo.

This is not the first time Amber Ray and Rapudo have had to defend their extravagant way of life.


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