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Kenyan celebrity kids who are brand ambassadors

Making money!!

Djibril Sonko (Instagram) Kenyan celebrity kids who are brand ambassadors

One of the advantages of being a celebrity kid and living life in the limelight is that many opportunities come your way.

This public life has time and again landed these kids endorsement deals that pay their parents a lot of money, just to use their faces to market brands that relate with children, or even grown ups.

Some of this deals come in double as they will involve the children and their celebrity parents as well.

1.    Ladasha Wambo


Size 8 and DJ Mo’s daughter Ladasha Belle Wambo is one of the Kenyan celebrity kids who have been appointed brand ambassador. She was appointed brand ambassador for Softcare diapers alongside her mother Size 8, in a deal that saw the Muraya’s pocket an undisclosed amount of money.

According to her mother, she would not have landed the job without her daughter Ladasha. Size 8 thanked God for protecting her daughter despite the many challenges she experienced during her pregnancy.

2.    Gweth


Kaka Empire boss and rapper King Kaka’s daughter Gweth is another celebrity kid whose 2018 ended on a high note.

Gweth was announced brand ambassador for Marini Kids, a new brand that had at the time been introduced into the market by the Marini Naturals hair products.

3.    Djibril Sonko

Mombasa based actor Dan Sonko’s son Djibril is another celebrity kid who is a brand ambassador. Djibril is part of the brand ambassadors for Marini Naturals brand of hair products.


His father Dan Sonko is also a brand ambassador for Marini Naturals male hair products.

4.    James Mbugua (Mathwiti na Makeki)

Despite not having celebrity parents, his was a case of luck as many people would describe it. James Mbugua, the boy famed with the slang “Mathwiti na Makeki” after he was captured on camera lamenting and fantasizing about eating cake and sweets was appointed Valentines Cake House brand ambassador.

This was announced when he appeared for Chipukeezy’s show The Funny Truth 4. Chipukeezy and Eric Omondi also organized a fundraising to help the young boy financially.


5.   Maceo Wokabi

Maceo Wokabi is the son of Suzie Wokabi who is the founder of Suzie Beauty.

Maceo is brand ambassador for Marini’s Kiddy range of hair products.


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