Key similarities and differences between Dennis Okari’s 2 weddings

Okari wed Betty Kyallo in 2015 and Naomi Joy in 2019.

Key similarities and differences between Dennis Okari’s 2 weddings

On Friday, NTV news anchor Dennis Okari jumped the broom for the second time as he wedded the gorgeous Naomi Joy at a church wedding along Kiambu Road.

But this time Okari was doing things a little different and it was evident from the photos and the flow of events. Here are some key similarities and differences between his wedding to Naomi Joy and his wedding to K24 news anchor Betty Kyallo.


Low-Key wedding

Unlike his first wedding to K24’s Betty Kyallo, Dennis decided to keep his wedding this time as low-key as possible. This time there wasn’t a fancy photo-shoot to hype up their wedding or a lot of media publicity surrounding their ceremony. Even the location was hush-hush and simple where guests were required to present their invitation cards in order to gain access to the venue.

Best Couple

When he wed Betty, the Ohons were front and centre during their ceremony. Donald Ohon and Gospel artist Rosy Ohon served as the best couple while one of their daughters served as a flower girl. This time the line-up was different.

Corporate sponsors

Okari’s wedding with Betty had two main corporate sponsors, Darling Hair which provided the hair for the bride and her team and Jaguar Kenya which provided luxurious transportation for the bride and groom.


Someone on Twitter pointed out that Okari seems to have a thing for Kamba ladies.

“I can't help but notice Dennis Okari got a sweet tooth for Kamba ladies and he knows how to pick them, and whatever they selling he seem to buy it on retail. Congratulations!” one Mutola commented.

Grey Suit

Okari has a penchant for grey and black as evidenced by his choice of outfits in both weddings. For his wedding with Betty he wore a grey Chinese collar coat paired with black pants and for his second wedding, he wore a grey and black tuxedo.

Ken Mijungu

Okari’s colleague and close friend Ken Mijungu was present at both events.


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