Khaligraph explains new look after attack on social media

"I drive my own cars and I don't walk in the sun getting burned."

Seems like he needs a new alibi.

Last Friday, Kayole’s very own Khaligraph Jones sent the Internet on a rant after appearing on TV a bit lighter than before. When Kenyans on twitter went on a riot about his looks, Khaligraph was quick to say that he did not know how bleaching agents work and attributed his Vera Sidika looks to facial scrubs, drinking clean water and not being in the sun for too long.

He said, “Right now I am living a different life compared to the life I used to live. You know, I am drinking clean water, I am driving my own cars and I am not walking in the sun getting burned. I was also introduced to this thing when you go to the salon they scrub your face.”

However, his fans are not having it.  Calling him out over the varying shades of color on his hands and face, Kenyans on Twitter are having a field day coming up with funny memes and comments to send his way.

Celebrities are making their stand known with Octopizzo leading the team. Arguably one of Kenya's most controversial rappers, Octo took to his Facebook to state the following, “Ndugu Omollo, nilikua nataka nikutoe rangi lakini sasa siwezi ju umejitoa mwenyewe. Okay, this is not funny I’m in shock! Kama ni ukweli hizo risto naskia ati unajipaka aloe vera the congratulations you just played yourself.”

The post continues to dare Khaligraph to release a diss track if he is upset and that Octo is ready talk when he gets back to the country, if it’s self-esteem issues that Khaligraph is dealing with.

Apparently the society can be very harsh. (Sic)

Khaligraph got the memo and in response posted a picture of him posing with a liquor bottle while leaning on a red Subaru on Facebook demanding rappers to #RespektheOgs.  Jonez stated that once the hating rappers were through with the bleaching allegations they should sit and continue getting schooled by the real OG. He further went on to ask what they expected since he has grown and warned that the next step is to color himself green like Marvel's comic superhero, Hullk.


Scientifically drinking water has various effects on your skin by keeping it from drying and cracking and giving it a radiant look. However, there is a big difference between looking radiant and having light skin. Seems like Khaligraph needs a new alibi.

This is a photo he posted last February on his official account on Facebook.


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