Meet the man who made the Kisii couple stick during sex and his penis- like tool he used to free them

Late last week, a Kisii couple underwent public humiliation after their affair became a matter of public humor when they became stuck and were forced to call for help in their pain.

If you were shocked by the story of Kisii couple who got stuck while having illicit sex, then you will be further surprised by the paraphernalia used to disengage them.

It was later revealed that the husband had gotten a concoction from a witch doctor in the area out to stop infidelity.

Having suspected his wife of cheating on him, he had given this to his wife who unknowingly took it.

With such a sure proof way of keeping track of his wife philandering ways the man left for business out of town and his wife was caught in the snare.

Whether it was the work of witchcraft that bore fruit or not is a matter of debate.

However, the witch doctor could not be denied his bragging rights. When the couple were brought to him he delayed the procedure demanding the man pays a fine first.

He would later reveal one of the objects he uses for conducting what would be a delicate procedure.

Though he did not reveal the details of his operation the tool speaks for itself with its phallic nature revealing where it is intended to be used.

The practice of ‘locking’ a woman is becoming prevalent in various communities at a time when most witch doctor services are being rendered useless in contemporary times.

Below is the witch doctor credited with the whole operation.


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