Kristoff comes clean after allegations of cheating on Yvonne with Switch TV presenter (Video)

Kristoff was busted

Kristoff comes clean after allegations of cheating on Yvonne with Switch TV presenter (Video)

Kenyan Rapper Kristoff has come out to defend himself after a video surfaced online showing singer Yvonne Darcq confronting him with allegations of cheating on her with Switch TV’s Kush Tracey.

In an interview with Mzazi Willy Tuva, Kristoff mentioned that what happened in the viral video is very confusing, but failed to confirm if he was indeed cheating on Yvonne.

“Kush Tracey ni rafiki yangu tu na kushikana mkono sioni kama ni kitu mbaya. Tulikuwa tunatoka Club na mdrop mimi niende zangu. Hapo hamna kitu Tuva, unataka niseme vitu hewa ambavyo havifai kusemwa. Video iko hapo nje inaonekana nimeshikwa so mimi hakuna kitu naeza sema hapo. So watu waonee tu video wata understand. So baada ya pale mimi niliondoka nikaenda zangu,” said Kristoff.

When the interviewer insisted on getting a clarification on the kind of relationship that exists between Kristoff and Kush Tracey, he said;

"We are just friends. This thing is very confusing, whatever happened over the weekend hata sielewi, its very confusing and all that happened is all on video," the singer states.

In the viral video the Rainbow maker is seen holding hands with Kush Tracy heading to his car, before Yvonne interrupted their movement forcing Kush to walk way as the two try to resolve their issues.

Cheating on me

“Whats up people hello hello… so this is the shit you are doing for me Kriss again... so this is the shit you have been doing to me, you cheat on me then you comeback, What the fuck man. Me I dint have drama with you (Kush Tracy) I will just tell you bounce. Excuse me ( Kristoff) where do you think you are going. You are dropping her where, is she you chick. It’s been years this is what you have been doing. You know what, have her, have all the chicks you want, I’m out, I’m done with your ass,” Yvonne Darcq is heard saying in the video.

Kristoff tried to calm her down saying “Kush si I’m just dropping you, please Yvonne stop the drama”

The two (Kristoff and Ms Darcq) have always denied being an item but the Sunday confrontations seems to confirm otherwise.

Viral Video

Some time back, it was alleged that singer Yvonne Darcq parted ways with her then promoter husband Syddo to be with Kristoff.

Is this a publicity stunt or Kristoff was actually busted cheating on Yvonne?



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