Ali Manzu explains Linda Oguttu's tweet 'Nataka Kuni Imekauka' that lit up Twitter

Manzu explains

Ali Manzu and Linda Oguttu

KTN's Linda Oguttu sparked a hullabaloo on social media with a cheeky tweet on Wednesday evening.

Oguttu tweeted,Mtu anisaidie na kuni imekauka kapsaaaa.... Hi baridi makaa na heater haziwezi....”

Netizens took the opportunity to offer some interesting responses with a section assuming that it had a 'sex connotation'

Reactions from KOT

“People just read between the lines, but with the cold weather i think she meant she needed firewood to keep his fire burning for warmth to keep going. Maoni yangu” Malik Otiende.

“So you confirm Kuni is not same as kuni kuni - Firewood. @lindahoguttu should take note”Pal Jeff.

“Najua mahali unaeza Pata Kuni mzuri ..Slide DM we talk business Linda” Kariuki Michael.

“UK alisema ile Upuzi iko KENYA ni kama fwaken....... tena umeitisha kuni dry dry !!!!!” Cliff

“Be careful Nyako, you may be misunderstood and put yourself and others in profound peril. Speaking for the dried firewood suppliers” Nelson Havi.

The hilarious responses left the KTN news anchor in laughter with his colleague Ali Manzu attempting to explain the intention and meaning of her tweet.

Ali Manzu thoughts on Oguttu's tweet

“Dear @lindahoguttu I know you had a long funny day full of unexpected. Many had to respond to you tweet, which you meant kuni kuni, ie Fire wood, which many translated to “Kuni”. That’s life. You made many amused and created a buzz. Connect with your followers, its healthy,” reads Ali Manzu’s tweet.

Oguttu just made fun of the responses noting that the tweeps had cracked her ribs ,"Kenyans have made my day today...nimecheka yangu yote.... #Kot You pipo are spesho..... Gnite people."


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