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List of Kenyan Journalists who have tested positive for Covid-19

We wish them quick recovery!

Jeff Koinange, Stephen Letoo and Ian Wafula

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) Kenya has so far recorded 18,043 infections, with the numbers increasing on a daily basis.

Many sectors have been hit by the covid-19 pandemic with people losing lives because of the coronavirus disease.

The media industry in Kenya has not been spared either, with a number of media personalities coming out to reveal that they have tested positive for Covid-19.

Pulse Live has compiled a list of journalists who have made their status public after testing Covid-19 positive;


Jeff Koinange

Citizen TV’s Jeff Koinange announced through his social media handles that he had tested positive for Covid-19.

He announced that he had gone into isolation.

"Folks, just to let you know, I have tested POSITIVE for Covid-19. I'm doing Good... NO symptoms...and my Family is fine.


"All my close contacts have been informed. Right now I'm in self isolation. Many thanks to Royal Media Services Management for its Support. Stay SAFE and God Bless!" read his tweet.

Stephen Letoo

Citizen TV political reporter Stephen Letoo was the first to confirm that he had tested positive for the virus from RMS. In a phone conversation heard by Pulselive, the journalist also relayed that he was asymptomatic and in isolation.

"The company [Royal Media Services] conducted mass testing and I can't even believe it... It's true. I'm positive but I don't even feel sick. Now I'm in isolation, just treating myself at home with ginger and's very scary by the way," he said in the phone conversation.


Ian Wafula

BBC journalist Ian Wafula made his Covid-19 result public on Sunday, as he announced that he had tested positive and he is fairing on well.

Here’s his announcement; “Got my results earlier today and I tested positive for COVID19. Have spent the last 4 months covering the pandemic and even did a story on “Do you know somebody?” Well now I do. I remember last week Monday feeling slight headaches, itchy throat, slight chest pain and lack of taste but that was it. Dr. Wasike here is a gem, as soon as she saw the results on mail I could tell she panicked but up until she broke the news and told me how to take care of myself moving forward she had been very calm and professional and we ended up laughing about the whole scenario.

I’m the first patient she has had to break the news to. She was glad that I’ve been exercising and trying to keep safe. My family and friends have been very supportive once I told them and so have my bosses. I’m sharing this so that more of us know that the disease is real, so we stop having stigma towards it and so that we be careful. My sister and I will isolate at home as we stay together. She is well and has not shown any symptoms. All is well!”


Bonnie Musambi

KBC presenter and news anchor Bonnie Musambi on July 20th disclosed that he also tested positive for the virus and he was doing well.

He disclosed his test results three weeks after he tested positive.

"It is done, now I can reveal. I tested positive for COVID-19 but now am healed. I got the disease more than three weeks ago but only tested after defeating the symptoms. However, I isolated myself, followed my doctor's instructions and now am well. My family is well and am glad to be back on my feet. I will be taking a re-test later this week and will post the results. COVID-19 is real. Do everything to avoid it. At some point, an ambulance came for me but I declined. All Glory to God! I will live for him," said Musambi


Moina Spooner

Ex-Nation Media Group journalist Moina Spooner who is currently an Editor with The Conversation Africa revealed that she also tested positive for covid-19 and is in isolation as she recuperates.

In a series of tweets, the journalist said; “I've tested positive for COVID19. I want to share this because there mustn't be any stigma around being tested, and also getting a positive result. I was extremely careful - I have my parents that I still see. I was careful to the point that people made fun of me. I don't go to the shops, I order online & spray everything coming in with sanitizer. I socialize with a very small group of people, even then - at a distance.”

Miss Katiwa


NTV presenter Miss Katiwa announced that she tested positive for the novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

Taking to social media, the NTV Jamdown host said that she has been in isolation and she is doing well.

My beautiful people, I got tested for COVID 19 and MY results came, am POSITIVE for COVID 19,I have been in isolation and I am doing great, I didn't show signs at fst but later on they started appearing, my family is well informed about it and am sure am going to come out strong because I am a fighter, I thank both RADIO AFRICA(HBR) and NMG (NTV) for there support 🙏🙏. Guys stay safe,put on your masks and sanitize or rather wash your hands, don't forget to keep your distance also. #jamdownke and #mtaanihbr see you soon,” wrote Ms. Katiwa.


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