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List of Kenyan male celebrities who cross dress

Not afraid to bend the rules

List of Kenyan male celebrities who cross dress

Cross dressing, the act of wearing clothes of the opposite sex has become a norm in the 21st century. Some years back, the act would have been considered as a taboo but in today’s world it’s something ordinary.

People cross dress either as a form of self-expression, art, culture, a way of entertaining or sexual reasons. Comedians also cross dress to make sure they pass their message effectively.

In some countries, cross dressing is highly accepted and doesn’t raise any alarm, but in Kenya, male celebrities who cross dress receive a societal backlash for going overboard and not acting manly enough.

Here is a list of male celebrities who cross dress;


Peter Nyongo

Peter Nyongo Junior, Lupita’s brother loves cross dressing and he has never been ashamed of it. The musician who also doubles up as a model has a queer dressing style that has prompted people to question his sexuality.

At a Blankets and Wines event in 2018, the Kisumu Governor's son stepped out in a beautiful dress that even had a slit in front, something that did not augur well with netizens.

There was a time when he wore a red thong revealing his behind in a suggestive pose during a photoshoot. As usual he was the talk of town as people came out to attack him for the photo shoot dubbed ‘What If Adam was Eve?’. 


Lyra Aoko, the photographer behind the photoshoot later revealed that the photo shoot aimed at ‘challenging our settled ideas about gender roles.’


Willis Austin Chimano, a member of Sauti Sol has a unique sense of fashion that has landed him in trouble several times for what people call ‘controversial’ dressing. The singer has previously been spotted in nail polish, high waist flare pants, chokers, nose rings, brow bar (eyebrow piercing), and make up.

Eric Omondi


The King of comedy, Eric Omondi has cross dressed severally when doing his comedy skits. On Saturday, the star left tongues wagging when he posted a video of himself disguised as a lady.

Eric was dressed in a red sexy dress, a wig and his make-up was fleek such that he could be easily mistaken for a lady. 



Comedian Kevin Mwangi, popularly known as Shaniqwa who disguises himself as a lady has received love and hate in equal measure, for his feminine signature style.

He rose to fame playing the role of Shaniqwa in a local comedy show ‘Jameni’. His famous tagline ‘nitakumurder’ took the industry by storm.

Early this year, the comedian together with his girlfriend, Naomi Jemutai, welcomed a bouncy baby boy.



Timothy Kimani AKA Njugush is one of the popularly and most loved comedians in the country. He cross dresses occasionally when doing his comedy and parody videos.


Lawrence Macharia popularly known as Terrence Creative, is the comedian behind the #SasaKamami series.

Terence became a hot commodity on social media and in women groups like ‘Kilimani Mums’ and ‘Chitchat’ for his Kamami vines which are funny and relateable to women. To fit the Kamami role, Terence has to dress as an ordinary Kenyan lady, with a shower cap on.


George Kimani

George Kimani who is part of the trio under the Vines of Africa brand is a funny comedian who loves mimicking ladies in his George & Lily comedy, and Lily & Vicky comedy. He mimics Lily, a broke clueless slay queen who always yearns to live a good life.

In his vines, he dresses in wigs and lipstick.

George Kagwe


George Kagwe, acts as an Mpesa lady.

He plays the role of an Mpesa lady with a very bad attitude towards her customers.


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