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Kenyans outraged by Louis Otieno’s fundraiser at Villa Rosa Kempinski

Kenyans are calling it ‘too expensive’.

So far he has raised Sh1.73 Million and is seeking an additional 4 Million to enable his surgery.

In an advert sent out to the dailies, Louis wrote “Thank you, every single one of you, who graciously responded to my public medical fund appeal. You are no longer a stranger, you are my friend. My special thanks to Angela Ambitho, James Smart and Ronny Osumba, who initiated this appeal, that saw Kenyans raise 1.73 million towards my surgery. It is now time for a final effort to meet the required target of 4 million. Towards this, I invite you all to a fundraising, sponsored by the Rahab foundation. Friday 18th of May at VillaRosa Kempinski starting 06.00 pm.”


After this ad ran out in the dailies, Kenyans were outraged by the plush venue as they felt that the money used in booking the 5 Star hotel for the event could be used to help in his fundraising. Some recommended a modest venue like KICC or Railways Club to avoid shutting out donations.

As some Kenyans were vexed by the venue others felt locked out by the Sh5,000 per plate figure while others were outraged by another alleged figure of Sh50,000 per plate

Here are a few reactions which seemed to have been instigated by Robert Alai’s post.

Kistan: Ok, but the event is at Kempinski, I mean Kempinski where BO spent a night when he came to Kenya? Seems the man has a targeted group of fundraisers, not all of us who would like to help.

Wambui W. Mwangi: Angetupee pay bill No. tumtumie kitu... Cz sasa io pesa atapata kwa fund-raising ataiwacha tu huko Kempinsky ikilipa ma bills


Danny Njugunah: Is it a charity ball or something

Leonard Kirui: The event should have even been held in, say @KICC_kenya. which is an all friendly and secure.

Nyang (Hon. Nyang): For the first time, I agree with u Alai on this. Every coin counts especially when u badly need it.

Layne Warren: @RobertAlai that's very true. Someone like me might have 1k and since it's what it is, I better buy myself dinner with it. He should learn from people like Njambi Koikai. At times we need to lower our #egos  to be helped.

George Oketch Koriga: He should accommodate everyone willing to contribute


J D@RENCHMA: Being  Luo is truly a lifestyle even in sickness

Michael@Michael79821131: Those giving 1or 2k as Robert Alai purports should hold a small fundraiser, then send one person at villa rosa.

Mboya Bob Robert: And the event is at Kempinski. I doubt if he really needs the money looks like he has enough already

King Mbuzi: The venue is wanting. Even if I wanted to contribute, that's not assistance. It's theft!

Tonton @Tonton65547517: Retaining his status quo even in sickness is his undoing. Let him know that.


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