Lupita Nyong’o angers Nigerians, Kenyans on Twitter come to her rescue

Lupita simply cant stop shining and not all are happy about it

Lupita Nyong'o

Oscar award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o caused a stir on social media with her role in a new movie in which she will play the role of a Nigerian character.

Nigerians took to Twitter to express their displeasure after American movie giant WarnerMedia Entertainment chose the star to play the role of a Nigerian character in the movie Adaptation of Chimamanda Ngozi’s Americanah.

Kenyans on Twitter responded swiftly, defending Lupita whose light continue to shine across the globe, winning one award after another and taking her acting career to the next level.

The Nigerian online brigade faulted the decision to pick Lupita for the role, stating that Nigeria has fine actresses who can play the role better than Lupita and even floated names.

"But we have a whole Nigerian actresses who speak the Igbo language and has the actual accent. We love Lupta but please give Genevive NNaji this role. Thank You.” Wrote Nena.

They claimed that prior to taking up the role, Lupita would need told or taught how to speak half-baked Igbo-something that would have been avoided had a Nigerian been selected for the role.

In a mix of humour and facts, the netizens took on their Nigerian counterparts dismissing their concerns and urging them to rally behind one of Africa’s best actresses and the pride of the continent.

“Pls don't bring the Nigerian vs Kenyan argument here!as long as she's melanin and can act she's getting the role! Wtf!So much hate in Africa at the moment and y'all wanna spoil the little things that give us joy,is something wrong with Africans?” Femi Denning wrote.

Parachichi told a section of Nigerians who threatened to boycott the movie, stating that “The movie is meant for global consumption, if Nigerians won’t watch others will.”


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