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KTN presenter goes after Posh Palace CEO Susan Kaittany

He has not been paid from last year

“Last year I was approached to MC a gig. & a guy called Joe Mbogo of were organizing it for a client. So because I knew she was part of this I didn't think they would be any issue with pay...I mean she is the CEO of Posh Palace lol,” he said.

The KTN Lotto presenter said that after working for them, he made several phone calls to the two asking for his money but all he received was excuses and sometimes his calls would go unanswered.


“I call Joe of who tells me to invoice him which I do & wait. I think I waited too patiently. Mchezo ilikuwa inachezwa. He promises to sort me out after a month and after the time elapsed I emailed him but no reply. I call him but he doesn't pick my calls. So from here on my emails and phone calls have ceased to be answered. I call who tells me to go to Posh Palace to pick my cheque. Coincidentally a minute after that convo Joe calls me gives me a number to one of his employees called Ezekiel who would sort me out in 7 days. Weh! Like I said mchezo ilikuwa inachezwa lol. So I try to get the office location of from Ezekiel but he insists on delivering the cheque which I found very shady. A week lapsed, & you guessed it no cheque more ignored phone calls.” Said another batch of tweets.

Makori however said that he had no malice or ill intentions against the two entrepreneurs but it was unfortunate that it had gotten to that point.

Susan Kaittany and Joseph Ochola Mbogo of Evensis Ventures have not responded to Mike Makori’s claims even as more people come out to reveal their frustrations with the two.


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