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Meet Nick Ndeda's character 'Tehi': Reckless, entitled & addicted to women!

Media Personality cum actor Nick Ndeda is back on the screen with Showmax series 'Second Family' as Tehi, the "problematic child" of the wealthy Gatehi-Lang'at family

Nick Ndeda

Nick Ndeda is back on the screen with the Showmax Original telenovela, 'Second Family', where he takes on the role of Tehi, the "problem child" of the wealthy Gatehi-Lang'at family.

Ndeda, who hasn't had a big moment on screen since the 2018 AMVCA-winning film 18 Hours, says that his role in 'Second Family' has the potential to be the biggest moment of his acting career due to the length of the show.

As the firstborn son of the family, Tehi is reckless, entitled, and spends too much money on women and drugs.


Ndeda describes him as a caged spirit riddled with guilt that he only seems to manage through a colourful hedonistic lifestyle.

Nick Ndeda shares more about getting back on screen, the complexity of his character and his moments of attempting to serenade Mumbi Maina and Mary Mwikali on screen.

Ndeda says that the experience on the set of 'Second Family' has been amazing. He has reunited with actors whom he can call friends and met new ones who have fast become family.


He also says that the cast and crew all gel so well because they all share a vision to create a game-changing show not just for Kenya but for Africa as a whole.

Tehi is a black sheep, but Ndeda finds it fun playing the role because it is less about playing the "bad guy" and more about playing a misunderstood character who articulates his frustrations in not so correct ways.

"Listen, Tehi said he's up for a challenge. As Nick, I'm like 'does he stand a chance?' and then I hear Tehi in my ear, saying, 'Dare me!" Nick said.


Ndeda says that before filming began, he had a chance to sit down with the writers and discuss the character's arc in the story as well as the backstory that helped mould Tehi.

However, because of the nature of the show being a telenovela, Tehi is constantly evolving. Ndeda is still peeling new layers of him with every three or four episodes they shoot.

"Tehi is motivated by devotion. This may sound ambiguous but I believe that everything Tehi does, whether deemed good or bad by others, is because of his devotion to that person, or that idea, or that cause.


"He is so complex. I'm still understanding new things about him everyday. He's such a rollercoaster," he said.

Ndeda is excited to see Tehi's growth and development in the show. He hopes that the audience will eventually see the devotion to the things that cause him to have such a dramatic life.


He believes that Tehi is the least bad person in this twisted web that is the Gatehi-Lang'at family, and he knows his ride is only getting wilder.

'Second Family' telenovela follows a small-town girl whose perfect life is shattered when she finds out that her father has concealed that she's actually from his second family.


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