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Matatu driver exposed for broad daylight mugging (photos)

Daylight mugging growing rampant

You’ll find these little devils across the city, on the streets, in your house, in the office, in the matatau stealing your hard earned cash/goods. You ain’t safe anywhere these days. Thieves are everywhere! And each day, their devilish minds come up with new ways to steal from you.

Nairobi is at a crazy level of thievery! And even after the numerous stories circulating online, Kenyan police are still sitting on their hands. It’s saddening. At what point exactly do they plan on doing something? Aren’t all the vice stories doing rounds plus the cases being reported in their station enough to warrant them to wake up and do something?

Yesterday, Facebook went crazy with a viral post of a lady who was allegedly mugged, in a matatu, by the driver! According o the comments, this is not the first time this has happened, we no longer have pickpockets or being threatened by a knife, we have reached the point where drivers of the matatus inject you with some drug, so they can steal from you.

In rage, Karimi, the lady who was mugged, shares her story on Facebook.


Here is her full post and pics of the driver.

(pic courtesy: her post)


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