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20 best Kenyan albums & EPs of 2023 [Pulse Picks]

Here is a list of the top 20 Kenyan albums & EPs that left an indelible mark on the music landscape in 2023.

20 best Kenyan albums & EPs of 2023 [Pulse Picks]

Albums, the cherished dreams of every musician, represent a compilation of audio recordings distributed through various mediums like CDs, vinyl, audio tapes, and digital platforms.

Crafting a standout album is no small feat, requiring artists to weave a musical tapestry ranging from a single song to a collection of 4 (commonly referred to as an EP), or more.

In the contemporary music landscape, albums continue to hold significant relevance. They serve as a canvas for artists to display their creativity and establish profound connections with their audience.

For listeners, albums offer enduring delight and satisfaction, providing a musical experience that can be relished repeatedly.


Here is a list of 20 albums/Eps from Kenyan artists that stood out in 2023

If you're a fan of love-themed music, Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy's 'Love and Vibes' EP, released in June, is a must-listen.

With four diverse tracks, the EP explores the theme of love through romantic ballads and upbeat tunes, showcasing a range of musical styles.


Bensoul's 'Lion of Sudah' album is a star-studded masterpiece featuring love-heavy songs.

Released in April, it includes tracks like 'Row,' 'Chizi,' and the standout hit 'Napepea.' The album is praised for its catchy melodies, clever lyrics, and a mix of Afrobeats, hip-hop, and R&B.


Kenyan rapper Vic West's 'Kuna Kuna' album, released on January 28, is a blend of hip-hop, Afrobeats, and R&B.

With guest appearances from Fathermoh, Savara, Brandy Maina, and Thee Exit Band, the album has garnered attention for its catchy melodies and diverse sound.

Bien's debut studio album features the UK charting anthem 'My Baby' with Nigerian superstar Ayra Starr.


Exploring the journey of matrimony, the album leans into Afrobeats, collaborating with UK rapper Ms Banks and maintaining ties with Scar Mkadinali.

Nviiri's 'Inside Out' album, characterized by hedonistic vibes, includes tracks like 'Blessings' and 'Leta Pombe.'

The album seamlessly transitions from self-reflection on the title track to club-centered hits, offering a mix of party anthems.


Hart the Band's 'Time' album, released on October 6, takes listeners on a chronology of love, life, and relationships.

The 10-track project showcases euphonious sound, skill, and honesty in lyrics, providing a candid window into the band's mastery over their 10-year journey.


King Kaka's sixth studio album, '2nd Life,' released in January, commemorates his period of hospitalization, expressing gratitude for his recovery.

The 17-track album, with collaborations from top music personalities, reflects on God's blessings and King Kaka's journey.


Award-winning singer Brandy Maina's, 'Chaos POA,' EP released in September, features six tracks that showcase different sides of her artistry.

Exploring new sounds and diverse topics, the EP highlights Brandy Maina's versatility as a recording artist.

Femi One's album, 'Dem Kutoka Mwiki, released in April, is a powerful collection of tracks with 9 songs.


Rooted in Femi One's Mwiki roots, the EP exhibits her talent and versatility, featuring upbeat and introspective tracks that showcase her lyrical skills.

Wangechi's 'Emotional Gangster' album, released in September, comprises 10 tracks indicative of her artistic growth.

Aligning with new-age Drill rappers, the album embodies a fresh sound while retaining Wangechi's signature style.


Mau from Nowhere's debut album, 'The Universe is Holding You,' features his rapping and singing skills in a genre-defying project.

Released this year, the album includes guest appearances from African acts, creating an immersive and introspective musical experience.


Her third studio album, this layered and masterfully crafted work by Fena Gitu is a musical expedition and diary on how to show up when the time comes.

Self-reflective, growth-brooding, immersive, and intricate, Fena says, this album was expensive to make.

On the cover, Fena paints a motif of herself symbolising the inner work we must internalise through listening and self-healing therapy.


After a notable absence, Kahush's 'Uptown Chokoraa' album delivers a cohesive body of work.

Featuring spacey beats, Afro bops, and powerful collaborations, the album showcases Kahush's exploration of his sound.


Following the track of the year in 2022, titled 'Geri Inegi,' many would expect a decline from the most grungy Hip Hop group Kenya has witnessed since the days of Ukoo Flani.

Continuing their indomitable run as a music force, Wakadinali's 'Ndani Ya Cockpit 3 series includes unparalleled tracks like 'MC MCA' and 'Sikutambui.'

Xenia Manasseh's debut studio album, 'Love/ Hate Part 1,' expresses her sad relationship with romance and intimacy.


She sings wearingly and scorns her lover at times, but this makes for raw emotion and a superb record.

Maybe Kagwe has created this noticeable persona of making music for light-skinned men, as X comedians might suggest, but his skill in music production is beyond doubt.

On his second record, 'Rada,' paying homage to Kenyan classics from the 2000s, Kagwe updates and customizes nostalgic Kenyan songs like E-Sir’s 'Mos Mos' and Nameless’ 'Holiday.'


Here is a list of 6 other 2023 Kenyan albums/Eps that hit

Puonj Mag Dak - Prince Indah

Boy wa Kanisa EP - Moji Short Baba

Punda Ongiyo gi Nindo - Odongo Swag


Echo: Dawn EP - Just a Band

Toxic - Joefes


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