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Pritty Vishy's song 'Dear Ex' rakes in 28K views in 1st day of release [Video]

'Dear Ex' features details of some of the issues that ended Pritty Vishy's relationship with Stevo Simple Boy.

Pritty Vishy debuts as a rapper with 'Dear Ex' song released on December 31, 2022

Just a day after releasing her first song, social media influencer Pritty Vishy has gathered over 28,500 views for the music video on YouTube.

Vishy's 'Dear Ex' dropped on December 31, 2022 and was produced by a Kibra-based label, L7 Records. The video is among the most viewed on the YouTube creator's channel.

The influencer turned rapper debuted to a widely good reception from her fans with most encouraging her to release more music in the new year.

Others also took note of the subtle clap-backs to her ex-boyfriend and fellow Kibra celebrity Stevo Simple Boy.


In the song, Pritty Vishy has highlighted some of the issues that came to light after her public breakup with Simple Boy.

Vishy and Simple Boy broke up in January 2022 with Vishy stating that the 'Mihadarati' sensation was over reliant on his management team.


Vishy went on to protest that the artist's managers were taking advantage of him.

"The management controls him a lot from his phone, Facebook and even his YouTube channel. After going viral, they have been mean to me, they now dislike me," she stated at the time.

On his part, Simple Boy stated that they had ended things because of a conflict in spiritual values.

“Yes Pritty Vishy left me because I declined to engage in premarital intercourse. She did not want to listen to me and said I was too saved so she left for another man. Intercourse should be engaged with by married people only not playing around with anyone,” Stevo stated.


The two have had a number of back-and-forth exchanges online since their breakup.


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