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Stevo Simple Boy & ex-Pritty Vishy raise eyebrows as they are spotted together

Is Stevo Simple Boy back together with ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy?

Stivo Simple Boy & ex-Pritty Vishy raise eyebrows as they are spotted together

One of Kibra's most successful celebrities, Stephen Otieno Adera alias Stevo Simple Boy has raised eyebrows among his fans and followers after being spotted together with his ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy.

The two were seen making a grand entrance to The Loft Lounge where Stevo had been scheduled to perform - promoting their fans to question if they are back together.

“It’s been a while since I performed but today I said let me perform so that I can make my fans happy na Mambo ikuwe freshi Barida. This is my first show this year,” Simple Boy said.


Speaking to the Press, Simple Boy refuted claims that he had rekindled his lost love with ex-lover Pretty Vishy.

“Like I said in previous interview, Purity and I only talk business, there is no love involved. Hata hiyo Sh2 million ya dowry hiyo tayari imeenda kwa mwingine na hivi karibuni mtamuona,” Stevo simple Boy explained.

On her part, Vishy also echoed the Freshi Barida hit-maker’s statement, with an affirmation that she was there to support him as a friend and not a lover.

“Like everybody knows I’m the one who made noise about Stevo’s situation wakati alikuwa anateseka and I promised to support him all through despite our differences. So that's why I have decided to come and support him,” she said.

Asked if she is ready to take Stevo Simple boy back, Pritty said; “Mimi sitakubali because we have our differences that we can’t sort, so I’m already looking for someone new and I don’t know on his side if he already has a new catch. So for us it’s just business and that’s it,”.


Stevo and Vishy went their separate ways back in January this year. However, despite the viral breakup, netizens were still divided as to whether it was a genuine breakup or a tactic to gain influence on social media.

She made it clear that any man interested in her should be ready to part with Sh2 million as dowry and it should be in cash.


“My dowry is Sh2 million na mtu asijaribu kuniletea ng’ombe. Sitaki ng’ombe sijui ati inasukumwa. Mimi ni Sh2 million and that’s it na ukitaka kuleta ng’ombe heri hiyo pesa ununue gari.

(My dowry is Sh2 million and please don’t try to bring cows. I don’t want cows its either you bring the Sh2 million or you even buy a car),” Pritty Vishy said in an interview with Nicholas Kioko.


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