Mutahi Ngunyi's comment on CJ Maraga after tough speech in Uhuru's presence

An angry Maraga had attacked DCI, DPP

Chief Justice David Maraga

Political Analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has weighed in, on Chief Justice David Maraga’s tough speech at the Anti-Graft Summit at the Bomas of Kenya that seemed to criticize the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

In a tweet minutes after the CJ Maraga’s speech, Ngunyi stated that his words would trigger the public to have a more critical view towards the DCI and DPP.

"CJ Maraga" MADE the DCI, DPP, AG and EACC look like KANU YOUTH WINGERS. The WAR on GRAFT will NOT be won using BELLS and WHISTLES. Friday ARRESTS are a PUBLIC cover up for prosecution INCOMPETENCE. Haji and Kinoti are NOW on TRIAL in the Court of PUBLIC opinion” reads Mutahi Ngunyi’s comment.

On Friday, an Angry Maraga had told the President that the war against corruption was going to be won on hard evidence and not by “gimmicks”.

“Because I am in the dock, let me be candid. Your Excellency, the war on corruption will not be won through Friday arrests. The war on corruption will be won the rule of law and on courage where those tasked with the responsibility will confront the menace head on,” CJ said amid uproar from delegates attending the Anti-Graft summit being held at the Bomas of Kenya.

When President Kenyatta rose to speak, he said his efforts to tame bloggers had been frustrated by the courts and told the CJ to move on.

“I found it interesting, I saw that the CJ was very angry especially at bloggers. I remember there was a time when we had come up with a law to stop bloggers from insulting us left, right and centre. But it was taken to courts and they ruled that it was unconstitutional (mocking laughter). I think like the rest of us you will have to get used to it and just move on,” the head of state stated amid uproar from delegates.

President Kenyatta was making reference to the Cyber Crimes Act 2018 which was temporarily suspended by the High Court following a petition filed by Bloggers Association of Kenya.


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