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On her blog, fashion and dating Radio Africa's Nick Ndeda

To many, she is Nick Ndeda’s beautiful and fashionable girlfriend, but for those that know her she is more than the eye candy on Nick's arm.

Muthoni Gitau

Muthoni Gitau is a lady who wears many hats as before she created Asili, the petite beauty was an actress and a poet but she took a break from the two though she promises something new is coming soon.

We recently sat down with her for a little Q&A and I have to admit, we were charmed. Check out what she had to say below:


1.So what pushed you to establish Asili?

Initially, I wanted to do a talk show where I talk about things that people consider to be ‘white people’ problems like depression.

Mental illness is something that no one talks about and I wanted a platform to talk about it so I opened my blog. Another reason was that people were curious about my make up so I just started doing videos and posts to show them how to do various makeup looks and skincare routines and that is how Asili was born.

2. What are some of your fashion obsessions at this moment?

My hair. I like bold hair, the entire of last year I had bold hair and I decided to try a deep violet and had to change up after a week because it wasn’t as bold as I liked .It made my mother happy because she said “Oh My God you almost look normal.”* laughs *


Good hair is a must have for me and I am obsessed with colour.

3. What are your make up must haves?

Lip balm, its everything! Lipstick has also become a thing for me and also a winged cat-eyeliner. Lipstick became a statement for me after people made it my brand. If I don’t wear lipstick people think that something is wrong with me.

4. Which is your favourite fashion magazine?

I don’t subscribe to any, the only time I will be looking at a fashion magazine is when I’m sitting somewhere and I have to wait for somone. That's when I go through them, I got to the skin care and life experience sections. Those are the things that interest me.


5. How do you keep fit?

I used to exercise 6 days a week before the gym closed down on Sundays, now I do only 5 days week for one hour. I usually work out after Nick’s show, like from around 11.00-12.00 P.m.

6.What is it like dating a celebrity?

I don’t know, he is just a normal person when we are together, but wherever we walk around, he gets a lot of attention, he should definitely run for MCA.


7.How did you meet?

We met twice. The first time we met was at Alliance Française (A Kenyan-French cultural centre) which he never remembers. We had an exhibition and so I was pulling photos from the gallery when he walked in, looked at me and said hi.

I think he said ‘hi’ because of how I was dressed because i had a full punk-rock outfit on. The second time was at Pawa 254 and we had a meeting with a mutual friend. He came in and as I used to listen to his show and tweet in the morning, I was like “Oh Nick. I tweet you in the morning”, and he was like “My reputation precedes me.”

“OH! How cocky!” I thought to myself before we were later given a ride into town but we didn’t talk much after that. So in the car, since I was the only girl, my friends were talking about me and the stuff I do. The next morning he DMd me on Twitter and as they say, the rest is history.

8. How long have you dated?


Since 2014 but only the important people in our lives know, but the news has hit the blogs in recent times.

So there you have it ladies and gents, that is Muthoni for you, to know more about Muthoni make sure you follow her blog or catch her on Instagram


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