My oxygen levels kept fluctuating - Jahmby Koikai on her struggles after arriving in Nairobi

Wishing Faya Mama a quick recovery

My oxygen levels keep on fluctuating- Jahmby Koikai on her struggles after arriving in Nairobi

Media Personality Jamby Koikoi’s journey to recovery has not been easy after battling endometriosis for years. In her recent update, Ms Koikai mentioned that her oxygen levels keep on fluctuating due to what she termed as the Nairobi air being dry and quite thin.

According to the former "The Trend" host, after spending over a year in Hospital, she now understands her body better and the flare-ups that comes with her recovery journey.

My recovery process is not a swift one

“Hey fam. I had such a great day yesterday. Spent all day asleep and woke up late afternoon. Played some mixes on ig live for close to two hours then I started feeling hazy. My recovery process is not a swift one and there are days I feel so ill. I haven't slept a wink. Nairobi air is dry and quite thin for me and for most people who have respiratory issues. In that regard, I have a heater and a humidifier that is on at all times for the air to be moisturized. Last night though, the temps were quite low and my oxygen levels kept fluctuating. My doctors were all on standby just in case I headed to the emergency. I've grown medically aware to understand my body and flare-ups in my recovery,” reads part of her update.

She pointed out that she is in need of a health club facility that has a steam bath, as it will help clear her airways and increase blood flow to her lungs.

“The thin air makes it hard for me to breathe, blocks my air passage and harder to expel mucous and other fluids from my body. I kindly need a health wellness/health club facility that has a steam bath. Sitting in a steam bath will help clear my airways and increase blood flow to my lungs. Found a place fam. Thank you. #JahmbyKoikaiReturns#LongFightToHealing #RecoveryfromThoracicEndometriosisshared Jahmby Koikai.


Faya Mama as most reggae lovers know her has been on treatment (in the USA) since February 2018 and she landed in the country early last week.

She was diagnosed with endometriosis, a disease she has been battling from the age of 13 years.

She earlier revealed that she had already undergone over 10 surgeries because of endometriosis.


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