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I want a rematch! Nairobi Diaries Reality star demands after she was viciously attacked by her hefty cast members

The latest new cast member of Nairobi Diaries was unfortunately attacked by Molly and her crew during the recording of a new episode that will air on 21 November.


The ladies…Molly, Risper Faith, Pendo and Bridget Achieng ganged up on Mishy beating her like a burukenge. Judging from the video making rounds on social media including Nairobi Diaries Instagram page Molly and Mishy were caught up in an argument before things escalated real quick.

Molly is heard asking the new member to shut up and kidogo kidogo she slaps Mishy who jumps on her before the other ladies join in to help the weak Molly (wait did I just say that?)

Anyway, the beef was sparked after Mishy played Molly and Risper by snitching on them to this other lady lusting on Nigerian singer, Tekno…wait her name is Juddy Jay…yes her.

The drama gets juicier as Mishy has come out to call out the ladies one by one but unfortunately none wants to face her for a one on one ‘session’.


When 4 mammals gang up on you just to be seen superior n make you irrelevant.... my candle has not been dimed yet.. it just got lit... I'd appreciate it if you all can face me one by one... I want a re-match.. a fair match you know.... But none of them wants to meet me alone... She wrote on her gram.

As expected she went further to call out Molly who apparently is afraid of meeting her if the rest of the girls are not present.

“@Seramolly said she can’t meet me alone Coz I will fight her... But wait ain't you the one that started the fight??so you are afraid of finishing it alone without backup?” Molly added

Risper, Pendo and Bridget are yet to respond to the rematch that might just be the heated episode ever witnessed on Nairobi Diaries.

@ladyRisper said if she has to meet me then it has to be with the girls or with Brian not alone.... lol... I'm not sure of@the ghetto princess and @ Bridget's responses.. coz they haven't responded yet.... I'm not saying I can whoop your asses.. But how about we give it a shot?? One by one??? She went further to say.


In conclusion the lass who by the way happens to work for the biggest telecommunication service provider in the country revealed that as much as she will not encourage fights, she is not ready to be walked on and humiliated like a small girl.

“I'm not in this show to fight coz I ain't no conjestina n I own no black belt.. But I won't sit down n watch a fellow human being spread me down n walk on me like a carpet... that has never happened n it will never happen...Anyway I'll just sit here n wait for your feedbacks... Else I'll take it that you'll intimidated by me..”

However has Mishy been betrayed by the lady, Juddie Jay, she defended from Molly and Pendo?

Well judging from the “besties” post shared on watermelon's (oops) page then I guess we now know.


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