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Nameless reveals his regrets as he speaks about the importance of kids in family

Nameless talks about family

In an interview with Kiss FM, the ‘Inspire me’ hit maker said that he is remorseful and wishes that he had gotten kids earlier.

"One thing I wish I could have done is I think I should have had my kids earlier. Our kids change our lives so my much, and especially how you look at life. As I always say, there are things I see in my kids that explain so much about me.”

Nameless is married to Wahu and they are blessed with two gorgeous girls; Tumiso and Nyakio. They have been married for 13 years and dated for a while before they formalized their relationship.


Nameless pointed out that one importance of having kids is that through them one can notice their strengths and weaknesses. The sensational singer said he can correct glaring weaknesses that may manifest in his kids which may have been inherited from him.

He mentioned that his girls must learn and respect their bodies reminiscing what his mother told him, “My mum always reminded me that my body is a temple of God and if you do not take care of your body, then it will affect many other aspects of your life. I always try and encourage them to keep trying and striving.”

He further talked about what he really wants his kids to have when it comes to character adding that he wants them to impact others in a way at the same time live happily and successful and ‘not necessarily rich’ .

Nameless recently revealed that they (Wahu and Nameless) do not settle any issues while they are mad. They wait till everything cools down and that is when they talk about them. He divulged that doing that has helped keep their marriage.


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