Natalie Tewa and Rnaze re-unite at Vera Sidika’s house (Video)

Love wins

Natalie Tewa with Rnaze and Vera Sidika

Socialite Vera Sidika played host to Natalie Tewa and her boyfriend Rnaze on Tuesday night in an attempt to re-unite the two ex-lovers after their public break-up.

Ms Sidika, who was playing the mediator role, took to social media, saying that she loved to see people make peace with each other despite what transpired between before in their relationship.

Vera, who has known Rnaze for over 8 years, attempted to rekindle their love affair amid cheating allegations that saw them part ways.

“I love seeing two people make peace @rnaze @Natalietewa,” wrote Vera.

Videos put up by Vera showed Rnaze having a one on one with Natalie, trying to iron out their issues.

Following the talks, Ms Tewa wrote “Thanks for hosting us @queenveebosset such a boss bae.. I love who you are.”

The meet-up comes days after Ms Sidika was spotted enjoying a night out with Rnaze at the famous Xsmallionares club. Rnaze was celebrating his 30th Birthday alongside a few of his friends among them Kagwe Muigai.

Vera wrote “Happy Birthday to the real one since day one@Rnaze”.


On Monday (April 1st) Rnaze (Moses Mukiibi) deactivated his social media accounts. He had put up a brave face after the incident, but one can only handle negativity for a while and so he left the platform.

Natalie Tewa break up with Rnaze

Ms Tewa accused him of being abusive in the relationship, while Rnaze alleged that Natalie cheated on him and that’s why their relationship ended.

When Natalie and Rnaze met

It was love at first sight for the two who met at a photo shoot in October 2017, and who can blame them? I mean they look like this.

“My friend invited me for a photo shoot and she wanted me to do the whole girls photo shoot I walked into a studio and who do I see? A very attractive photographer and I was like wow! Who is this guy? It’s not every day you meet a person that makes you go like damn!” Natalie confessed during an interview with Vivo.



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