Bongo musicians ‘Navy Kenzo’ announce pregnancy with sexy maternity shoot (Photos)

The couple behind the 'Kamatia Chini' song is expecting their first child.

Many of us are often left heartbroken after couples who looked like they had real shot at staying together call it quits. But despite the challenges that come with dating when you are celebrities, some couples have thrived.

And a couple that has managed to stay together with no tabloid-worthy scandal is  ‘Kamatia Chini’ duo Navy Kenzo.

The two met in India when they were pursuing their undergraduate degrees; Aika was pursuing a degree in Business Administration while Nahreel was pursuing a Computer Science degree and they have spent 9 years together.

And they believe that their mutual respect for each other and refusing to let outside forces influence their relationship has been their recipe for their success as a couple and as musicians.

“We went into the industry as a couple so we have not let anything influence the love and respect we have for each other. Our shared love for music has also helped greatly in our journey.” Aika told SDE.

The two are now celebrating 9 years together with a baby. Nahreel broke the great news with “Dear #Gold we can’t wait to see you ‘little guy’  ”


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