Dr. Ofweneke’s Ex-wife praises Akothee after powerful statement on Single mothers

Here is the Message that has touched Nicah the Queen

Recently Nicah the Queen was touched by a message shared by the flamboyant female singer Esther Akoth aka Akothee.

Nicha took to her social media account to re-share the powerful message and state how she likes Akothee’s words.

“Don't I just love  tell them my sister, Tell them ooooo” Posted Nicah the Queen on her Instagram account.

According to the message shared by Akothee, behind every pregnant woman, there is a man and therefore women just carry evidence of sex all over.

“Behind every pregnant woman , there is a man , a matold grown man , yes we carry the evidence of sex all over the place just to bring life from life into life  just for you to be called a father,  honey, what happened along the way , you turned your back from your own blood, only for them to be called fatherless, only for your beautiful wife to be called names because she has children ,the society is very cruel , children are very sensitive , mind what you speak about peoples families if you don’t know their journey!” Captioned Akothee

This message spoke volumes to Nicah the Queen basing on the fact she separated with Dr.Ofweneke after their marriage was rocked with violence.

Nicah who is a mother of two, stated that she is single since the time she broke up with her then husband Dr, Ofweneke.

The message also urged the society to give single mothers hope, support and not discriminating them just because of their status.

“You have no idea what they go through and you are the one pointing fingers at single mothers , how about the four pointing at you ?give single mothers hope , support where you can , all they need is hope ,not discrimination , the stigma is unbelievable ,(but can women make themselves pregnant for them to be condemned this much ?) all of us are products of sex so you just look stupid by using it as a weapon to put a mother down, unless you descended from heaven , you are a shaming your mother” read part of the message

“Domestic violence is such a bad thing… I had to walk away … I had to run … Yes I’m a single mother of two and I know God will watch over my kids,” captioned Nicah.”Shared Nicah the Queen some time back.


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