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Zari reveals unexpected details about Diamond’s kids

She has revealed interesting details about Nillan and Tiffah Naseeb.

Zari recently answered the question on many people’s minds by sharing some unexpected details about Diamond’s kids and why they were born so close to each other.

“We had plans if the second baby akikuja tumzae, because it’s gonna be okay tukizaa, tukamaliza tuanze mambo yetu mengine. It was in plan tulikuwa tunatafuta wa pili.” She disclosed on Clouds FM. (We had plans to keep our second born if he or she was conceived because we wanted to finish raising our kids then we take on other projects. It was planned not accidental as we were looking for a second born.)

“I was not using family planning so it was expected and he was okay with it, I was okay with it yaani tukasema if it happens let's go for it,” Zari added.


She also responded to claims that she had not breastfed Tiffah well before the arrival of Nillan.

Zari said that unlike what people thought, Tiffah breastfed for one year and one month but she had to be stopped once Nillan was born but soon enough Nillan stopped breastfeeding as he lost interest in breastfeeding.

So does Zari want another baby from Diamond? The presenter sought to find out and Diamond was quick to jump in with “Kwa sasa siko tayari.” after Zari said a loud NO!

“Wanatosha. We had a plan na ikatokea vizuri , a boy and a girl, we are very fine.” Zari added.


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