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Njambi Koikai admitted to hospital (Photos)

A potentially life-threatening incident has left the host admitted at Avenue Hospital.

A collapsed lung can be caused by an injury to the chest or the lung can just collapse out of its own accord. And it can be life-threatening and that is why Njambi was rushed into surgery as soon as it happened.

Writing during her recovery at Avenue Hospital, Njambi confessed that she wanted to go for the Fally concert but she felt a sharp pain in her chest and she tried to do her breathing exercises to ease the pain but to no avail.

“My right lung has a partial collapse and I've just made it out of theatre. God is good as that is always the hardest part. So I asked my doctor how many surgeries we've done so far and he's like I've lost count Jahmby. I have an amazing surgeon. Consultant surgeon Dr Odula.” She wrote.


Before confessing that this surgery was better than the last “Last surgery was terrible and horrific. Today I pulled through without much drama.”

As she tries to recover from pneumothorax, Njambi has another condition gnawing at her brain, endometriosis. Endometriosis is a condition that makes menstruating and having intercourse an absolute horror due to the debilitating pain.

“My period is around the corner.” Jambi confessed warning of the looming painful and heavy periods.

But despite the potential pain that she will experience she is grateful that she is doing much better with pneumothorax.

“Woke up fine. Giving thanks to the one true God. A bit of pain and my bum is sore cos I'm sleeping and sitting in this position, using a bedpan and can't basically move. This is because of the tube inserted through my ribs into my chest. The first day is normally quite painful because the tube is a foreign body. I'll soon be up and about. I'm thankful because others around me are in diapers, drips, being taught how to walk. God is real. But my butt is so sore haki lool...tell you the things you take for granted. Farting and belching are big achievements right now because that means the extra air is being expelled out of my right lung. Enjoy your day and focus on what God has in store for you. Be encouraged.” She wrote.


Before sending out a message to her endo sisters “ My endosisters, you're not alone.”


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