Kenyan rapper Notiflow has come out to explain that Dully Melody is just a good friend putting the boy toy rumors to rest.

The former Nairobi Diaries actress revealed that the pictures she has shared on her Instagram page with the Mombasa-based singer is from a video shoot they did together.

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Unhappy boyfriend

She also revealed that her boyfriend is not amused with the rumors and that is why had to put things straight.

“y'all jump into conclusions too fast. Now my boyfriend mad I would like to put this straight, @dully_melody & I are just very good friends and the pictures we took are from a video shoot we just did. Wasn't to announce this but had to set shit straight before it goes too far. Coz my boyfriend is unhappy with the rumors . The music video will be dropping soon as the world cup is done.”

Notiflow has previously also dated another Kenyan rapper Colonel Mustafa and has released songs such as She Don’t know, Flavor, Your Boyfriend, Barz among others. Notiflow has since posted a picture of her boyfriend apologizing.