Jaguar’s surprise message to Octopizzo as youths block roads in Kibera

This is not the first time Jaguar and Octopizzo are fighting online

Jaguar took to his social media to question the musician on why he was silent at the time youths from his area were engaging authorities despite being asked by their leaders to remain calm.

“OCTOPIZZO, Kibera youths are engaging authorities in contest even after Nasa leaders urged their supporters to stay away. Yet u remain silent" asked Jaguar

Jaguars sentiments were not received well by a section of Octopizzo’s fans,  who responded  with lots of harssness.

One user had this to say “There other day he was happy with Kisumu killings. Suddenly he cares about kibera youths. Jaguar is snooping too much into others life,I didn't know he will be drunk with power like this”

Another one  questioned Jagur’s contribution in  the society beyond his political alignment.

“What have you done to unite the youth of the nation Jaguar beyond political affiliations?When the youth in kibera were being killed by the police,did you speak?You should move beyond political affiliations as young people across the political divide look up to you”

“Is  their mca? Cheap publicity. This election seems to be for two regions only. I hope kenyans will heal with time. Reasoning below average. This is what happens when we elect leaders with little education. I wonder how they will speak English in parliament.”

This is not the first time that Jaguar is engaging Octopizzo on matters regarding Kibera.


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