Mixed reactions as Vera Sidika breaks up with Otile Brown

Its Now official the relationship is over

On Friday, Vera Sidika took to social media, to confirm that she was no longer in a relationship with Otile, eliciting mixed reactions from their followers.

New journey

According to Vera, she has decided to make their break up public so that everyone can move on and start a new journey on their own.

She disclosed how she had faith in the relationship thinking it was destined to happen only to realize she was wrong.

“Otile and I are no longer in a relationship. For the first time, this (relationship) felt rioghjt. You can laugh about it but am just gonna be open and speak my mind today. I loved him wholeheartedly thinking he was in this relationship out of love, he portrayed but I guess I was wrong. I would never involve someone’s heart if I need something for them. We are adults and con always come to mutual agreements if we need help here and there. I know it’s not important but since social media was involved it’s good to just speak my mind about it here.  To avoid y’all tagging me on posts, sending me videos and all that stuff. I’m human. And just like every human. I have feelings, I experience all emotions. I cry. I laugh. I get happy. I get sad. Feel free to judge. Feel free to share this post with your friends & gossip about it, feel free to Mock my situation. It’s okay, I’m human and I’m gonna be true to myself.” Reads apart of Vera Sidika’s statement.

Reactions from Vera's Instagram Followers

User Wendy Lily said “Nkt i hope hii si uongo mnatubeba marenge, anyway he wanted for business boom but after the video akaona its not booming, move on after all otile is nt your type you should be somewhere in LA flying our flag high na akina leornado de caprio, wacha tupambane na otile hapa”

Another one added  "Poyeee.lkn kwanini jamanii mbona mkiingia kwa izo relationships hamtuambii ila mkiachana ndo munatuwekea hapa kwa social media .kwani sisi wasomaji tutakusaidieni nini .all in all keep going babe”

“This all goes back to one thing niggas ain’t shit! Your bounce back will be amazing”

Naledi Molea; “Well said and I'm sorry to hear about that, and big ups for your social media good etiquette.. From reading your passage my heart just dropped and I guess all happens for a reason, all the best and take it easy”

Msobayeni “My heart feels for you. Take heart and don’t give up on love. Sending hugs and positive vibes.”

Habib Tyyasmin “I could tell a lot was on your mind last night love now I understand it’s well love. It’s life. It happens. Bounce back like a Queen”

Break Up post

Is this another publicity stunt or are they are done with this relationship?


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