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Otile Brown speaks of the difficult demands Sanaipei Tande made before their collabo

It wasn't easy getting Sana into studio.

But working on a song with Sanaipei Tande was not a walk in the park as Otile described his co-star as ‘difficult’ and ‘stubborn’ during their interview with Ebru TV’s ‘Let’s Talk’ Show.

“Ni msumbufu sana, I remember I wanted to work with her from last year but haikufanyika sababu yeye ana utaratibu ikifika kwa kazi. If you wanna work with her inabidi studio iwe karibu na sehemu anayokaa, ushanielewa na hata mkiwa studio she needs her time alone, she chases all of you from the studio and she  is left with the producer and all that.” Otile disclosed.

Since he wasn’t used to Sanaipei’s demands, Otile revealed that he shied off despite his desire to work with her as he had been a huge fan of her given her impeccable track record in the music game.


“You have made him go through all that just to get this song done?” Monique of ‘Let’s Talk’ asked.

“You know what let him finish, I’ll give you the real story,” Sana said leaving Otile to continue with his revelation.

“After some time, I did the wedding song and showed it to my team who said that we needed a female touch to the song and I thought of her (Sanaipei) once again as I was a fan of Sanaipei. I like how she writes and sings her songs so when I thought of including a female artiste I thought of Sana.” Otile said.

Sanaipei refuted Otile’s claims that she is difficult and explained that the reason that her conditions had to be fulfilled was that if she is uncomfortable in the studio, she won’t deliver.


“First of all I am not difficult, where he wanted us to go is one of those places where you are like imagine if I don’t have to go there I don’t have to go there. If there is going to be another option that we can have then let’s take that one but the truth is, I want to be comfortable in a studio. I don’t want to walk into a place where I don’t know half of the people who are there, I don’t know the location I am in, I will not deliver that’s the honest truth.”


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