Exclusive! Stop Buying YouTube Views; NaiBoi Tells Artists

Its not a good Thing!!

Speaking to PulseLive, NaiBoi stated that he was shocked after doing a across check-up and scrutiny on YouTube Views and realized that many artists have been fooling Corporates' with fake numbers when it comes to securing deals.

“I have asked myself this question over and over again. My progress is based on my legit numbers I can see the growth. Is it that the industry is unfair or guys just wanna look like winners out here but don't wanna put in work. I was like how come I don't hear the song around as much and the artist ain't that big but the numbers crazy high!? Anyway u can lie to everyone else but u can Neva lie to youself. Or maybe I am just taking this music too serious.” Said NaiBoi

He added that for an Artist to secure a deal with any company, they have too look at your numbers and with the many fakes views it will be hard for Artists with legitimate Numbers to prosper.

“Topic of the day! Why are artist buying Youtube views this much! I know Numbers don’t lie but some of your numbers are just Criminal” wrote TheNaiBoi.

Can you buy your views on Youtube?

"You can buy legitimate views, but you cannot buy bad views without risking sanction. ... Buying legitimate viewsis perfectly fine, even expected as far as YouTube is concerned."

Can YouTube tell if you buy views?

"Buying YouTube views is not illegal in any way, shape, or form. ... However, if youare not a partner and are not monetizing on your videos, then buying human viewsis not explicitly against YouTube's TOS. This is why it is so critical to choose a high-quality provider"

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