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Papa was struggling, he was a poor boy - papa Dennis' friend opens up after his death

Life became very hard!

He had nothing, He was struggling - Papa Dennis’ friend opens up after his death

Hours after Dennis Mwangi popularly known as Papa Dennis met the cruel hand of death, allegations have surfaced on his struggles, painting a picture of a hard-working young man, struggling to make ends meet while the society believed he was wealthy, owing to his flashy lifestyle at the peak of his career.

Well-placed sourced within the dead musician’s inner circles opine that depression following sudden change in fortunes that saw him lose hope in life may have pushed him to death.

A year ago, Papa Dennis was a fast-rising musician, living a flashy lifestyle and even revealed to Pulse Magazine that he had at least 50 million stashed in his bank accounts.

About a year later, the nation woke up to the shocking news of his death that is shrouded in controversy.


Multiple sources confirmed that things moved from bad to worse for the youthful musician to a point where he got kicked out of his furnished apartment in Lavington.

A top musician was quotted by the press confirming that “He only had a mattress in one of the rooms in the studio; that was the only thing he went back to after spending the day searching where his meal would come from.

“Occasionally, he would be assisted by the owner of Nairobi Records, Mash Mjukuu. Upon learning that Papa Dennis had nowhere to go after being evicted from his furnished Lavington home over unpaid rent, Mjukuu offered to house him in the studio, and gave him a mattress,” added the musician.

A post seen by allege that Papa Dennis made cash but did not invest in his future and was left empty-handed when he fell out with his manager.


“I wish people knew the real Papa Dennis. Nothing true about those rumours. Papa was struggling, he was a poor boy. Very frustrated because people thought he had money. The truth is that Maliza Umaskini outfit used him as their brand, signed deals, and made him a big brand. Then they abandoned him after he fell out with Sadat, the Maliza Umaskini guru...That boy was miserable. Ujinga wake ni kwamba at the time he was still at Maliza Umaskini, he never invested a coin in any side hustles. Sasa hana kakitu, and people still believe ako na doo. I believe he took his own life!!!” read the lengthy post.

It is alleged that the award winning singer died after falling from an apartment building in Pangani last night and police suspect suicide.

There have been several allegations surrounding his mysterious death.

Witnesses say that Papa was in a studio session at Nairobi Records, owned by legendary producer Mash Mjukuu, when he stormed out of the room and fell from the 7th floor of the Ngara building and died immediately.


Its is not yet clear what transpired resulting into the singers death.


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