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10 Hot women the rapper has dated. One of them is a politician's daughter

He calls himself King Mswati, but there is a reason for that, this is because just like Swaziland’s King, Prezzo has dated a huge number of attractive ladies. In fact I don’t think any Kenyan celebrity has had a prolific dating ‘career’ quite like Prezzo.

Sheila Mwanyigha who once dated Prezzo

1. Sheila Mwanyigha

When Prezzo was the big Kahuna in town he dated the gorgeous Sheila Mwanyigha, a relationship that was the envy of many as at that time, the couple was the de facto A-list couple.

2. Daisy Jematia Kiplagat


Once upon a time, the seemingly elusive Prezzo made it to the aisle. The lady who tamed the bad boy was Hosea Kiplagat’s daughter who wed the CMB at Karen Country Lodge in a fairytale-like wedding. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a happy ending as they separated in 2011 and finalised their divorce in 2013 and Daisy was granted full custody of their daughter Zahrie Bhoke.

In fact, Daisy once exposed Prezzo as a dead beat dad when the Facebook group was still fresh. However despite the scandal, Prezzo and his daughter still maintain a decent bond.

3. Joy Wanjohi

Soon after his separation from Daisy Kiplagat, Prezzo did not waste time when it came to getting into another relationship.

He was soon spotted with a willowy model by the name Joy Wanjohi who Daisy claimed he cheated on her with. But despite the controversy surrounding their relationship, the King of Bling declared that they were madly in love with the long-legged model and when the time was right they would take their relationship to the next level.


4. Huddah Monroe

It’s unclear when Huddah dated Prezzo but we suspect it was between Joy and Goldie. But Prezzo once claimed that he didn’t have an official relationship with the once controversial socialite. All he had with the lipstick-entrepreneur was sex.

“We got together like three times and I think she really liked what she got. I’m addictive and so she could not let go." Before he went to rudely claim that Huddah was promiscuous “Huddah is like government property. She has slept with almost the whole world. Do you think the president would settle for such a woman?” he told Standard Newspaper.

But despite ugly showdown that resulted from this, the two remain friends and were even spotted hanging out together.


5. Goldie Harvey

No one knew what happened between Joy and Prezzo because the next thing we knew he was flirting outrageously with the late Goldie Harvey in the Big Brother House. Unfortunately for both of them their relationship outside the house did not materialise as Goldie passed away on Valentine’s Day 2013 after a trip to Los Angeles for the Grammys.

6. Diva the Bawse

After Goldie’s’ tragic passing, Prezzo hooked up with Clouds FM’s Diva the Bawse who was madly in love with the rapper.

Her relationship was opposed strongly by Huddah Monroe who attacked her on Twitter by calling her unattractive before mocking her about how badly she wanted Prezzo’s ring.


 “She says it was love at first sight, but all a nigga wanted was to bust his nut.” Huddah tweeted before calling her attachment to Prezzo obsessive.

Triggered, Diva shot back at Huddah asking her to put some ‘respeck’ on her name and that she needs to move on from her relationship with Prezzo. Unfortunately, Huddah did not let go and continued to goad and mock Diva.

7. Chagga Barbie

Prezzo did not leave Tanzania when it came to dating as he soon hooked up with Stella a.k.a Chagga Barbie. And together they flaunted their love on social media, but as we all know, flaunting your relationship on social can be detrimental as most people like to settle their scores on the sites.

And sure enough, their relationship collapsed before our very eyes after an angry Chagga decided to really shame the king of bling.


And  she went IN accusing Prezzo of leeching off her for his expensive purchases she also claimed that Prezzo was broke and mocked him for his $8000 Chrysler. A few exchanges later, Chagga apologized to Prezzo for the outburst.

8. Angel Eyes

After Chagga, Prezzo bagged some really hot chic simply identified as ‘Angel Eyes.

Not much is knows about this girl since she came in quietly and left quietly.

9. Michelle Yola


This young lady was said to be the one that finally tamed the beast after she got an engagement ring. But after frequent on-off-again episodes, cheating, social media outbursts and a TV series together, the two split.

10. Noti Flow

This was not exactly a relationship, but more of a friend with benefits kind of situation that took place in between one of the Michelle-Prezzo breaks. Noti Flow shared a photo of the two in bed together after enjoying a steamy roll in the hay with Prezzo.

After the dog-tired and beady-eyed photos made their way to the internet, the two both took HIV tests after it was alleged that Prezzo had taken one after his romp with Noti Flow. And the rapper decided to return the favor. However Michelle Yola, Prezzo and Noti Flow had a reunion in Nairobi Diaries.


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