Diana Marua wife to Keven Bahati has penned down a heartfel message to her Hubby after his kind act to upcoming singer Princess Leo.

In a well written Instagram post, Diana has praised Bahati out of the effort he is always putting in to see other people are also successful.

In her message, Ms Marua has also promised to stick by Bahati’s side to help and encourage him to keep going.

“I am so proud of you my baby , you’re heart to share what God has blessed you with is overwhelming. Sometimes you carry a huge burden on your shoulder just to see other people grow like you have... it never stops, everyday there's always something that you'd want to do to change the world. You cannot carry the world on your shoulder but you can change someone's world. I'll always be here to help, support and encourage you to keep going. What you have done for  is beyond amazing!!! Her story inspired me, I know the passion you had to give her an opportunity to be under your record label. May God's star continue shining upon you  you are a Gem! We're here to change your story so you can change someone else's world!!! is a powerful prayer, the sky is not the limit...”shared Diana Marua.

Her message comes days after Bahati signed a new female artiste Princess Leo to his EMB Records.

Days after unveiling his new signee, The Mama hit maker collaborated with her in a dubbed “JIONYESHE” that is already doing well on the market.