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Drunk British soldiers beaten silly in Westlands for petty theft and hurling racist remarks (Video)

Plainclothes British soldiers who were on a drinking spree in Westlands were roughed up by members of the public after they stole a dog and hurled racist remarks.

Videos posted by Kelvin Shaban on a closed group on Facebook show a raged crowd embroiled in a wrangle with two white male said to be British soldiers.

Apparently the two British soldiers were on a drinking spree in Westlands on 23 October when liquor took the better of them and decided to cause havoc.

Kelvin says one of the Brit soldiers snatched a dog from a hawker and started spewing out racist remarks while bragging about how he was untouchable.

A vexed crowd that had milled around OiLibya in Westlands decided to take matters into their own hands and unleashed public beating upon the drunk soldiers.


Guards at the petrol station and police officers from Parklands intervened to save the soldiers before blood was spilt.

“This is Westlands Oilibya Chicken in, two British Soldiers snatches a dog from a hawker without paying for it.These drunken soldiers goes ahead to assault and insults this hawkers while they claimed they are the untouchables. When the Parklands Police officers arrived they were also threatened and insulted as they tried to settle the dispute. The is one of the highest grade of racism and discrimination our hawkers are going through. We demand immediate action from the I.G of Police and see the perpetrators are brought to book. Such behaviors especially from The Forces are unacceptable and barbaric.” Kelvin Shaban posted on Facebook as he shared videos of the incident in Westlands.

Watch the video below:


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