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Rapper Xtatic goes after Ethic hours after dropping song dubbed “Tarimbo”

Like, it's really rape- Xtatic

Gengetone Groups Ethic and Boondocks Gang in trouble as their new video is pulled down from YouTube

Rapper Xtatic is calling-out Gengetone Group Ethic with allegations that their latest song “Tarimbo” is promoting the rape culture.

In a number of posts on her Instagram, Xtatic argued that “Tarimbo” lyrics are too raunchy and its high time musicians work on their content.

“I have tried but, TARIMBO by ETHIC sounding a lil ... Nah, jus HELLA RAPEY in the context that I believe it’s meant. It would have done without the last line on the hook. Like, it's really rape, PREDATOR enabling imagining thousands of people chanting to this. Ugh, Why?”


We cannot be doing this

“Come on FAM!! We cannot be doing this. Like, roho Safi Tu, aki tunarudi nyuma joh. Heh! Ju I'm literally shaking Come on FAM!! We cannot b Come on FAM!! We cannot be doing this. Like, roho Safi Tu, aki tunarudi nyuma joh. Heh! Ju I'm literally shaking because of this, anger, fear, sadness and just mad anxiety over this specific content. I'm flabbergasted. Sheesh!” said Xtatic

Xtatic, mostly objected the Chorus hook done by Rekles. The Chorus says “Basi basi kama na maringo mimi hupenda chapa na tarimbo, mimi huchapa chapa, na nakanyaga na mwaga bila hata permission … bila hata permission”

 “It's not only enabling potential predators but SENDING a clear and just messed up message to a lot of people. I'm not even tryna get you to cancel nobody but can we just sit down and have a conversation so that I can understand where it's okay to think violation or disregard of consent is cool or sexy or ... FAM, I DUNNO. I'm genuinely struggling to understand. And people may say, "TheN dOnT LiSteN tO ThEm." FAM, not with the possibility that I am a woman and all these women around us CAN BE FUCKING VICTIMS. No, ma'am” the rapper added.


However, they say music is art, and how you choose to understand the lyrics is up to you.

Listen to Tarimbo and be the Judge


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