Timmy, Amber Ray stripping for the cameras and this week's top stories on #UhondoMtaani


Timmy, Amber Ray stripping for the camera - and this weeks top stories on #UhondoMtaani

It’s been an interesting week full of drama and loads of exciting stories from East Africa. As you know, #UhondoMtaani is always here to give you the juice and keep you posted on the top stories that were trending this week.

Lets get straight to it.

Alikiba renews rivalry with Diamond

For years now, Diamond and Alikiba have been pitted against each other for the title of “King of Bongo flavor” music. But on Thursday, Kings Music Records boss Ali Saleh Kiba aka Alikiba blasted WCB CEO Chibu Dangote after being invited to perform at the Dar es Salaam edition of Wasafi Festival. Instead of Kiba accepting the invitation, he opted to caution Platnumz from bothering him over and over again, when clear he is not interested in their Festival.

King Kiba added that if the "Sikomi" maker doesn't back-off, he will be left with no option but expose the bad things he (Diamond) has been doing to him.

Usiniletee mambo ya darasa la Pili unaniiibia penseli alafu unanisaidia kutafuta .(UNIKOME) Mwanaume huwa anaongeaga mara moja tu sasa ukitaka nikuweke uchi watu wajue unayonifanyia hata kwenye hilo tamasha hatokuja mtu sasa tuishie hapo nakutakia tamasha njema @diamondplatnumz #KingKiba,” said Alikiba.

It will be remembered that this is the second time Diamond is inviting Kiba to be part of Wasafi festival, the first time being last year.

In the 2018 invite, they both showed good will and the spirit of working together, but no one knows what happened after all was left to their management to come to an agreement, on how they would work collaborate.

Terrence creative caught in a love triangle

Cheating has become a trend in this 21st Century, and Instagram comedian Terence Creative found himself in hot soup after confessing that he cheated on his wife, Milly Chebby.

In Q&A session via his Insta-stories, a curious fan wanted to find out if the allegations that went viral of him cheating on his wife were true.

The funnyman decided to blame the devil, just like any other man would do, “Shetani huja kwa njia mingi , ashindwe Kabisaa. Akii sitarudia Tena” reads his response.

Hours later, in an interview with YouTuber, Edgar Obare, the lady at the center of the cheating scandal, Anita Soina disclosed that she was in relationship with Terence, despite the fact that he was a married man.

She added that she was receiving threats, from Terence and his Wife, Milly started posting videos of he also threatening to involve Mungiki.

In an interview with Pulse Live, Terence said that his wife was aware of everything that happened between him and Anita. He went on to say that he had made peace with his wife and owned up to his past mistakes.

In a sudden twist of events, the two noted that they were the ones receiving threats from Soina, who said she was 24 years old, when they met with Terrence.

On the other hand, Milly said, she knew about Anita Soina in June and even warned her to keep off her husband, but she kept on bothering the comedian and blackmailing him.

She also admitted to the fact that despite them not having a perfect marriage, walking out of her marriage or abusing her husband on social media as many expect is not the best thing to do.

Terence also apologized to his fans saying that he is human and his life is not as perfect as many think it is.

Bahati gifts singer Denno with a brand-new car

EMB President Kevin Bahati gifted Musician Denno a brand Nissan March to aid him in his day to day movements around the city.

Earlier on, Denno had confessed that despite having a name in the music industry, finances and commuting using public transport, was his biggest challenge.

Denno’s inspiring story touched and inspired many including Bahati who promised to do everything within his capacity to ensure the "Bado" singer is well-off and can support his music career.

A thankful Denno said “You don’t know what you guys have done, I can’t forget this gesture in my whole life, yaani siwezi sahau nyinyi ndo watu mmenitoka kwa Matatu. Each and evrry time nikiona hii gari nitakuwa nakumbuka I have to work hard, nitakuwa nakumbuka I have a reason to wake up every morning kutoka nje kutafutia mtoi wangu na wife wangu. God awainue sana”.

Last week the two love birds (Denno and his Wife) disclosed that commuting in public transport was a hustle for them basing on the fact that Denno is blind.

"Kwanza tao is the worst place to be walking around because kunakuwanga na watu wengi alafu wote wanakusalimia wakati wewe uko haraka unataka mfike home on time" said Denno’s wife.

Denno added “Kwanza I remember the other day kuna mwingine amenisalimia “Denno niaje ? nikasema poa? Denno kwani hujawahi buy gari? Nikacheka tu”.

Amber Ray, Timmy T Dat and Rosa Ree strip for the gram

Clothes for who?

Tanzanian rapper Rosa Ree and Wembe hit maker, Tiimy Tdat decided that they looked hella hot and had to share their nude pictures on Instagram.

The two were pictured in a bathtub, with Timmy caressing Rosa’s boob as if his life depended on it.

For the better part of this year, it has been rumored that Rosa Ree is in a romantic relationship with Timmy.

The naked photos of Timmy and Rosa are said to have been taken during the shoot of their new song dubbed “Vitamin U”.

Kenyan socialite Faith Makau popularly known as Amber Ray also decided to go nude for the gram, something that caused a stir on social media.

On Thursday, the mother of one posted a nude photo with her private parts only covered with petals of rose flowers, leaving her 519K followers perplexed.

The photo in question elicited wild reactions, with a section salivating over curvaceous body while others thought it was too extreme for the internet.

To some I’m the petals in the rose flower,and to others I’m the thorns in the rose flowers, but as for me, I just live my lovely life. Full of ups and a few downs, but I know the downs are just a break from the ups. To anyone who’s down right now, don’t forget to be yourself, and the highlights of your life are seasonal, so are the downs. Just breath and make sure I see you on my birthday. Happy new month #scorpiobaby” read her caption.

This is not the first time Amber is stripping for the camera. In April she uploaded another photo standing before a mirror completely naked with only a glass of flowers covering her privates.

 Eric Omondi and baby mama, Jacque Maribe on vacation with son

A few days after Jacque Maribe confirmed comedian Eric Omondi to be the father of her son and this week the two decided to go on a vacation and unwind.

In photos seen by Pulselive.co.ke, Eric Omondi, Jacque Maribe and their son Zahari were spotted in the company of legendary Congolese musician Awilo Longomba and Eric’s friend Mc Antonio.

“Today's little moments become tomorrow's precious memories. Treasure that, and love, live and laugh,” wrote Maribe in one of the pictures she shared.

Eric Omondi was the first to share pictures of them having a good time, with no caption, leaving it to his fans to do what they can do best.

K24 fire over 100 employees

Thank you for your services.

The media industry has seemingly hit a hiatus in line with the country's tough economic times with the latest most affected being Mediamax Network Limited.

On Wednesday, Mediamax fired over 100 employees, in its quest to cut down costs. The company sacked K24, Emoo fm and Kameme fm employyes.

Ahmed Bhalo and Mwanaisha Chidzuga, were among the prominent journalists who were sacked by by the Kijabe street-based media house.

Bhalo, who used to host K24 Wikendi alongside Mwanaisha Chidzuga, pointed out that everything comes to an end, and he is ready to face the next chapter of his career.

 “Hakuna kilichokua na mwanzo kikakosa mwisho. Tarehe 30/10/2019 ilikua siku yangu ya mwisho ya safari yangu kama mwanahabari wa @k24tv kufuatia mabadiliko yanayopania 'kuboresha' kampuni hiyo. Shukran kwenu nyote muliofanikisha safari yangu ya miaka 4 katika kituo hicho. Allah akipenda tutaonana kwingine. Daima alipangalo Mungu hakuna wa kulipangua. #Anchor001 @houseofbhalo,” said Ahmed Bhalo.

On the other hand, Mwanaisha Chidzuga who was also shown the door at the Mediamax owned station, disclosed that she was going to fully concentrate on her events and Catering company.

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